Improving Lives Through Investing

Improving Lives Through Investing

Learn more about the meaningful role BNY Mellon plays in improving countless lives.

Achieving Our Vision of Improving Lives Through Investing

We play an important role in the financial marketplace and describe ourselves as the Investments Company for the World. Our mission is to help people realize their full potential by leveraging our distinctive expertise to power investment success. In doing so, we seek to improve the lives of countless people globally – a goal that motivates us to be the very best at what we do.

We hold a unique position in the global financial industry. We manage and service assets for financial institutions, corporations and individual investors, delivering data-driven insights and innovative solutions to complex issues and investment excellence to our clients, all of which drive long-term value for our shareholders. In the process, we help companies raise and invest capital to create jobs, drive economic growth and raise living standards. We help governments raise and invest capital to serve citizens. We help institutions and individuals invest to achieve their financial and life goals, including retirement, health care and education needs.

We have a clear strategy that not only positions us to realize our vision but also, we believe, uniquely situates us to be more successful and become an even more important partner to our clients. Our strategy is also designed to help us capture the largest, fastest-growing investment activities, stay ahead of changing marketplace forces and capitalize on new and emerging opportunities.

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