Women’s Initiatives Network

Women’s Initiatives Network

Mission Statement

We know that when we cultivate our top talent, the entire company benefits. As a catalyst for change, WIN supports the advancement of women at BNY Mellon through various channels and opportunities for professional development, leadership, enhanced visibility and greater connectivity with other employees and clients.

Invested in Women

WIN promotes career development.

Whether through its traditional mentoring program, or its reverse mentoring and cross-company mentoring initiatives, WIN offers high-potential female mentees with opportunities to hone their leadership skills, exchange ideas, expand their network, and learn more about how our company operates.

WIN brings our company’s top talent together.

Through a wide range of events—including International Women’s Day, the Women’s Client Symposia, and our Real Role Models video series—WIN aims to inform and engage the BNY Mellon community, regardless of gender. Participants gain insights into industry trends and our company’s strategic direction, leverage professional development opportunities, and “lead from where they are” to help clients with the development of their similar women’s organizations. WIN members also have access to invitation-only events at the Women’s Bond Club, the Wall Street Women’s Alliance, and other industry associations.

When our top talent meets the industry’s best minds, new collaborations and opportunities for innovative thinking emerge to advance our members’ careers and help build the company’s future.

WIN fosters a better work environment.

We research workplace issues and use our findings to provide value-added educational programming. We also advocate for policies that keep BNY Mellon an employer of choice for women in the financial industry.


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