Veterans Network

Veterans Network (VETNET)

Mission Statement

BNY Mellon’s Veterans Network (VETNET) seeks to realize for BNY Mellon the full extent of the business benefits that can be derived from the service of employees who have served in the Armed Forces. To that end, VETNET is committed to contributing through empowerment, recruiting and assistance the creation of an environment within BNY Mellon that is supportive of veterans and maximizes both their development as individuals and the value their military experience adds to the company.

We are dedicated to helping military veterans be all they can be, and making sure that the distinctive life skills, experience and leadership traits of veterans are fully leveraged as important business resources for the company. At BNY Mellon, we help to develop veterans’ professional skills and prepare them for a rewarding career in financial services. We also strive to create a workplace environment where the value of military service is recognized and honored, and where the benefits of military services embodied by employees who have served are fully utilized as a business resource.    

Invested in Veterans

VETNET members are active in every phase of the ERG's mission, and the company's support for veterans aligns with VETNET activities:

  • Recruitment
  • Sponsorships, mentoring and career development
  • Internal recognition of the value of military service
  • External support for veterans