IMPACT Network

IMPACT Network

Mission Statement

The mission of BNY Mellon’s IMPACT network is to help cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that values and appreciates cultural diversity and differences.

IMPACT plays an important role in BNY Mellon's commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace by placing specific emphasis on the recruitment, retention, professional development and advancement of multicultural employees.

We believe that by building a diverse workforce and vibrant culture of inclusion, we create a stronger, smarter company, better able to meet the needs of our global clients.

Invested in Multicultural Diversity

IMPACT represents the uniqueness of all employees.

By leveraging our collection of experiences, IMPACT helps us to drive engagement, performance and market leadership.

IMPACT promotes career development and advancement.

IMPACT supports BNY Mellon’s commitment to recognize and reward high performance and excellence from our talent through our culture of meritocracy. Everyone has equal opportunity to deliver their very best, and to receive the reward and recognition they deserve for it.

IMPACT engages in thoughtful conversations.

IMPACT members have access to a wide variety of events and programs, featuring prominent internal and external guest speakers who have integrated diversity and inclusion into the fabric of their leadership journeys.