GenEdge Network

GenEdge Network

Mission Statement

The mission of BNY Mellon’s GenEdge Network is to solve business problems by unifying our culture across generations and tapping into the knowledge capital, energy and individual skills of our diverse workforce.

There are four generations in the workforce today, and soon there will be five.

The “gap” is growing, both inter-and-intra generation – and we must build a bridge. No one generation has all the answers. Recognizing their differences is critical for organizational success, due to their distinct styles and approaches.

The primary aim of GenEdge is to drive high impact ideas by promoting educational, social, charitable, networking and innovative collaboration opportunities for professionals across the firm, especially those who are interested in being new or developing leaders, managers, and senior executives.

Invested in Generational Diversity

GenEdge raises awareness of generational diversity.

Through reverse mentoring, special events and one-on-one networking opportunities, GenEdge harnesses unique generational perspectives across BNY Mellon.

GenEdge promotes employee and business growth opportunity.

By connecting our multi-disciplined senior leadership team to engaged group members, GenEdge offers experiential learning through crowdsourcing, unique mentoring opportunities and leadership opportunities at BNY Mellon.

GenEdge drives the future of our business.

High-impact ideas benefit all employees. By maintaining focus on generational diversity and emerging trends, GenEdge helps our staff innovate and build on BNY Mellon’s strategic priorities.


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