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Climate change, changing workforce needs and gender inequality are among the global issues we believe we can impact for the better. We use our resources and influence to tackle the environmental and social forces shaping our world today.

Social Investing

Through our Investment Management, Investment Services and Markets businesses, we have the opportunity to influence investment decisions and direct capital to projects that may help overcome social and environmental challenges.


69.3 billion dollars

Managed $69.3 billion in assets using ESG and values-based exclusionary screens

735 billion

Asset Servicing reached $735 billion in portfolios screened for ESG factors

bond icon

Corporate Trust administered 21 green bonds at $15.4 billion in issuance volume

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Supporting Greener Transit

Trillions of dollars in “green” investments like public transit systems are needed in coming years to meet global carbon reduction targets. We support debt capital markets as a scalable funding source that includes assets like labeled green bonds.

Charlie Goodwin


Democratization of Social Investing

Charlie Goodwin, BNY Mellon Managing Director, Head of Public Finance, explores the value of democratizing social investing, i.e., building scale by going small, which could create access for the everyday investor.


Community Commitment

Improving life in developed and developing economies while combating climate change and natural resource depletion is one of the greatest challenges of our era. We donate money, identify what we can impact and work with governments to tackle social issues.


forty-two million dollars

We provided $42 million in community support1

one hundered forty three thousand hours

Employees volunteered 143,000 hours

thirty percent

30 percent of employees’ volunteer hours were skills-based

  1. Community support includes donations, grants and charitable sponsorships made by BNY Mellon and employee donations to charities that qualify for our matching program.
students in conversation

Code2040 Opens Doors to Tech Careers

BNY Mellon provides resources to support Code2040’s aim to ensure that by 2040, people of color – Blacks and Latinos – are proportionally represented in America's innovation economy as technologists, investors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

Skills for Students in India

To increase workforce skills in India, BNY Mellon funds higher education through the Deep Griha Society, which teaches accountancy, computer engineering, mechanical engineering and commerce skills to economically disadvantaged students.

Environmental Management

Climate resiliency is at the forefront of global concerns. We understand the need for urgency and are committed to doing our part by mitigating climate change risks in our operations.


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We reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 49 percent since 20081

seventy-five percent

We conserved resources by diverting 75 percent of our waste from landfills

environment icon

Reductions, energy credits and carbon offsets led to 0 net carbon emissions2

  1. For all tracked real estate, excluding data centers.
  2. BNY Mellon is carbon neutral for all Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 business travel greenhouse gas emissions.
solar panels in green field


Our Carbon Neutral Journey

Since 2015, BNY Mellon has been 100 percent carbon neutral for all greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrating our leadership and commitment to environmental sustainability to our clients, our teams and our stakeholders.

mountain covered with trees


Paper Management Program

We implement programs to make employees aware of the impact of paper and toner use on the environment. Promoting sustainable choices when printing, copying and sharing documents has helped us save nearly 330 million pages since 2012.

CSR | By the Numbers

At BNY Mellon, CSR is not just a philosophy. Our CSR activities make positive, lasting impacts on our markets, our people and our world.

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