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We see challenges and opportunities in changing workforce expectations, accelerating technology and promoting workplace equality. We enable all employees to reach their goals and help our clients reach theirs.

Leadership and Development

To help employees meet their professional growth goals, we offer leadership and development programs and training throughout the employee’s journey with our company. We encourage and support lifelong learning.


thirty-eight percent

We fill 30 percent of general, 38 percent of vice president positions internally

one million

We delivered nearly one million learning hours to employees in 2016

leadership icon

Our employee engagement survey results improved in Leadership and Management


BNY Mellon University

BNY Mellon University guides employee learning and development paths from internship to executive management to build a culture of lifelong learning. Our cutting-edge courses support employees’ development goals and help them meet clients’ changing needs.

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Tomorrow's Emerging Leaders

Building a strong pipeline of leaders is key to serving clients long into the future. BNY Mellon’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is one way we transform today’s talent into tomorrow’s superstars.

Engagement and Wellbeing

The definitions of engagement and wellbeing are evolving along with today’s diverse, multigenerational, mobile workforce. We care about our people as individuals, engage them in meaningful work and invest in their holistic wellbeing.


30 thousand

Over 30,000 employees completed assessments to enhance total wellbeing

79 percent

Our overall employee engagement score is 79 percent, the highest in five years

89 percent

We foster an attractive, rewarding workplace, retaining 89 percent of employees

woman sitting at table and smiling

We're All "IN"

Employees don’t leave parts of themselves at home when they come to work. Our global wellbeing program, “IN,” provides holistic resources and support for an employee’s whole being.

People Report cover

Our People Report

Our 2017 People Report tells the story of the power and potential of more than 50,000 of the brightest, most innovative minds in the financial services industry, united in our vision to improve lives through investing.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse employees’ backgrounds, perspectives and experiences spark relentless curiosity, blaze new paths to progress, deliver profitable growth and enhance client experiences. Our people embody the diversity and potential of today’s world.


36 percent

42 percent of our global workforce and 36 percent of vice presidents are women

87 percent

87 percent of employees believe our management supports workplace diversity

39 percent

39 percent of U.S. new hires are of diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds

woman sitting at desk looking at computer

Sponsors for Women Technologists

Our Women in Technology (WIT) Sponsorship Program pairs high-potential women technologists with BNY Mellon technology leaders to help women grow their professional networks, develop new skills and be considered for leadership positions.

crowd walking through hallway

LGBTQA Equality

Our PRISM business resource group helps foster a supportive environment for LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and allied) employees and provides key insights to senior leaders. Our company advocates for LGBTQA rights.

CSR | By the Numbers

At BNY Mellon, CSR is not just a philosophy. Our CSR activities make positive, lasting impacts on our markets, our people and our world.

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