Our Markets

Expanding global markets, accelerating technology, cybersecurity threats and clients’ increased access to information challenge us to manage risk responsibly and protect our assets and those of our clients. We respond with unquestioned integrity.

Risk and Reliability

New business realities are reshaping our clients’ needs. Our commitments and strategies for managing risk responsibly and being a reliable investment source are more critical than ever.


96 percent

96 percent of employees are aware of risks relevant to their work

30 trillion dollars

We safeguard $30 trillion for investors1

40 petabytes

We protect company and client data amounting to 40 petabytes of digital storage

  1. Refers to assets under custody and/or administration ($28.9 trillion) and assets under management ($1.6 trillion) at year end 2016.
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Harnessing Big Data

NEXENSM is BNY Mellon’s digital ecosystem enabling analytical capabilities across our business. One component is Digital Pulse, a real-time, big data analytics platform that is helping us improve operational performance.

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Learning About Risk with Role Play

In our risk culture, we expect employees to exhibit certain values and behaviors to identify, assess and mitigate risk. Our “Managing Risk in Your Team” simulation tests managers’ skills in planning, decision-making, communicating and collating data.

Strong Governance

Climate change, market shifts and gender inequality give rise to stakeholder questions about what businesses are doing in response. Strong governance is the basis of BNY Mellon’s ability to account for our activities and answer stakeholder inquiries.


90 percent

90 percent of our largest clients indicated willingness to recommend BNY Mellon

woman icon

Women represent 23 percent of our Board of Directors

78 percent

We are a trusted partner; 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies are clients1

  1. Represents the minimum number of BNY Mellon client relationships. Fortune Magazine, Copyright 2016 Time Inc.
Heidi DuBois

“At BNY Mellon, we see the future of CSR as fostering a purpose-driven culture that motivates all leaders and employees to positively impact the world in their day-to-day work.”

— Heidi DuBois, Global Head of Philanthropy & Corporate Social Responsibility

“We have taken affirmative steps to enhance our governance mechanisms. In many circumstances, we aim to be leaders in this arena.”

— Craig T. Beazer, Deputy General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

CSR | By the Numbers

At BNY Mellon, CSR is not just a philosophy. Our CSR activities make positive, lasting impacts on our markets, our people and our world.

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Heidi DuBois
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Heidi DuBois
Global Head of Philanthropy & Corporate Social Responsibility
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