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Our Markets: One of our Greatest Responsibilities

We contribute to stable, efficient and resilient financial markets on which the world depends.

We enable employees and clients to anticipate and mitigate risk and make profitable decisions for the long term. Our strong governance, ethical standards and operational resiliency support our stability in all market conditions.

Strong, Safe, Trusted


96% of employees say they are aware of risks relevant to their work*

*2015 Employee Engagement Survey

$2 trillion

$2 trillion in funds transferred daily



80% of Fortune 500 companies are our clients*

*Represents the minimum number of BNY Mellon client relationships. Fortune Magazine, Copyright 2015 Time Inc.


Risk and Reliability

Our ability to manage risk and operate reliably is critical to our business and the needs of our clients and society. We cultivate a robust risk management framework, effective risk culture and resilient information systems and operations.

Maintaining Stability in the Face of Market Volatility

Our strong capital position and low-risk business model is designed to enable us to meet obligations to clients and shareholders, as well as help protect the stability of the larger financial markets.

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Well-Positioned for Stress Scenarios

Through enterprise-wide stress tests, we gauge our resiliency to macroeconomic and idiosyncratic risk scenarios, such as adverse market events, counterparty defaults, liquidity pressures, technology failures, operational events and litigation. These tests evaluate our financial and capital position under adverse conditions, as well as second-order impacts on counterparties, clients and markets.

Continually Striving to Operate Reliably and Effectively

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Information Systems and Operational Resilience

BNY Mellon plays an integral role in transactions that keep the global economy functioning. In an effort to improve reliability, we continue to enhance our systems availability, transaction execution quality, technology improvements, cybersecurity and business continuity, including secure vendor transactions. Our approach is intended to provide a first line of defense against risks for our firm and our clients, and to help maintain the stability of financial markets we serve.

Embedding Strong Risk Management in Our Culture

The most important components of strong risk management are our people and the values and behaviors we share as an organization.

Hear from our leaders:

  • James Wiener, Chief Risk Officer
  • Monique Herena, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Lucille Mayer, Chief Information Officer of Client Experience Delivery


Empowering Every Employee to be a Risk Manager

Risk Culture in Action Infographic
Our four risk culture principles enable employees to consider risks and take action

The specifics of our risk culture will continue to evolve as regulations, markets and businesses evolve, but our overall commitment to a risk culture of personal responsibility, prudent risk-taking and excellence in all we do will never change.

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Fostering a Culture of Personal Accountability

At BNY Mellon, our Code of Conduct defines and reinforces the high ethical standards that guide our global employee base. Our code of conduct outlines six key principles:

  • Respecting others
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Conducting business
  • Working with governments
  • Protecting assets
  • Supporting our communities

Strong Governance

As a leading financial institution, our success and our ability to meet client needs, manage risk and operate over the long-term depend on strong governance.

Driving CSR Results Starts at the Top

Strong Governance Infographic
Our CSR governance structure enables strong oversight and accountability

The independent Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors regularly reviews our CSR program, monitors progress against our long-term goals and guides our CSR efforts. Our firm’s executive management holds ultimate responsibility for our CSR progress and success, as they review and evaluate key performance indicators and long-term goals in their respective business units and associated management.

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BNY Mellon Board Committees

The Board of Directors works to advance the interests of our company and all of our stakeholders. It has eight standing committees, and each committee makes recommendations to our Board as appropriate and reports periodically to the entire board. Each of their distinct roles and responsibilities is set forth in a charter.

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Building Trust with our Stakeholders

Open dialogue with clients, shareholders, employees and community members is vital to our success

We actively solicit feedback and adapt our products and practices to match the evolving needs of our diverse stakeholders. Our approach includes ongoing communications and reporting, inviting dialogue and responding to stakeholders’ questions and concerns.

Listening to Find Better Ways to Help Clients Meet Goals

Seeking feedback from all of our stakeholders is an important governance principle. We regularly survey clients to understand how we are doing. In a 2015 survey of our largest clients, respondents reported the following:

96 percent

overall client satisfaction

88 percent

would recommend BNY Mellon

95 percent

say we meet or exceed expectations

Note: 2015 Global Client Management survey, September 10 - October 23, 456 strategic client responses, 38% response rate, +3.6% margin of error.

We are driving positive change for our company and the world.

As a global investments company, we’re invested in our markets, our people and our world. In the 35 countries and more than 100 markets where we do business, corporate social responsibility enables us to drive lasting impact. And we’re committed to creating an inclusive, sustainable world that helps people succeed and economies to thrive.

Learn more about how we are invested in our markets, our people and our world.

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