Gerald Hassell

Invigorated By Change

By Gerald Hassell, Retired Chairman and CEO


Invested in Change from Within

As the Investments Company for the World, BNY Mellon is privileged to serve exceptional clients, many of whom are the world’s leading investors.

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Promoting Environmental Sustainability and Long Term-Value

In my role as Chief Financial Officer at BNY Mellon, I have a wide range of responsibilities.

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Delivering Sustainable Solutions to Fixed Income Investors

I have witnessed tremendous growth in investor appetite for sustainable investing in recent years.

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Democratization of Social Investing

To date I have seen two main areas of opportunity for us within social investing.

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How Asset Servicing is Innovating with New Partners

An increasing number of our clients are interested in analyzing portfolios based on their ESG impacts.

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Heightening CSR Impact through a Culture of Purpose

Today’s workforce is full of employees who expect to make a difference through their daily work.

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Building Trust through Dialogue

Over the course of my career in corporate governance, I’ve learned about the importance of trust between a company and its stakeholders.

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Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in India

With over 6000 employees in India, BNY Mellon India is a strategic growth center for the company.

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