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At BNY Mellon, Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of our business strategy. As an engine for the financial markets, we help drive global growth and prosperity, improving lives through investing.

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In our latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, we unveil our ambitious long-term CSR goals and highlight the many ways that we’re improving lives around the world. Our global CSR strategy focuses on three areas most important to our business and our stakeholders – Market Integrity, Our People and Our World. Read about our achievements.

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BNY Mellon is a recognized sustainability and environment leader. In fact, we are the only U.S. diversified financial company selected for inclusion in DJSI World for the past three years in a row, continuing our outperformance against our peers on notable CSR rankings.

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Our Markets

Our Markets

We contribute to stable, efficient and resilient financial markets that help nations, businesses and individuals prosper. It is one of our greatest responsibilities.

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To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, BNY Mellon cohosted a panel discussion on leadership, diversity and risk management in the highly regulated and complex financial services industry.

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At our annual Securities Finance Regulatory Update, topics included the current regulatory climate and the impact of regulation on securities finance. Regulators worldwide are focusing on systemic risk and financial stability across firms, products and services. 

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BNY Mellon developed a new technology infrastructure that fully automated clearing and settlement of repo transactions. Over four years, we managed a 97 percent reduction in the amount of intraday secured credit, from about $1.4 trillion to around $28 billion.

96 percent of employees are aware of key risk issues of their work

96% of employees report that they are aware of the key risks relevant to their work.

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Our People

Our People

Our culture is inclusive and collaborative, and we provide unique opportunities for our employees to learn, grow and take charge of their careers.

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Through the BNY Mellon Social Impact Internship Program, 23 students from The City College of New York were matched with paid internships with nonprofits and social enterprises throughout New York City.

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This paper looks at the challenges that American women face in saving for retirement. It presents principles for successfully achieving targeted outcomes, designing budgets, prioritizing goals and investing with purpose for a more secure retirement.

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PRISM is BNY Mellon’s award-winning resource group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and ally (LGBTQA) employees. It is leading the way in advancing LGBTQA equality and helping BNY Mellon clients make similar progress.

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Our World

Our World

We use our expertise, skills and resources to contribute solutions to our world’s biggest challenges and empower others to do the same.

Manchester Employees Spin to NYC

Employees from BNY Mellon’s Manchester offices in the UK set themselves a bold challenge ― to cycle the distance from Manchester to New York in 24 hours and raise money for their charity partners.

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Nuclear energy, with nearly zero-greenhouse gas emissions and its reliability, is advocated by many as a critical tool in the arsenal to combat climate change.

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Lessons learned during the 10-month development of the Carbon Efficiency Strategy, a joint venture between MCM and the McKnight Foundation, offering carbon-conscious investors a way to invest in companies whose practices could reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon Neutral


We are Carbon Neutral

After reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% since 2008, excluding datacenters, we matched our remaining emissions with the purchase of carbon offsets and renewable energy products.

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