Globalized markets are increasingly interdependent

Globalization has opened the flow of products, services and ideas among nations. It has helped millions rise out of poverty and facilitated trade and cooperation. It also creates greater interdependence where one country’s economic and geopolitical fluctuations could affect the entire system.


Why Market Interdependence Matters

Changing dynamics and emerging threats can jeopardize market stability.

Actively addressing global risks is key to sustainable market growth.  BNY Mellon uses good governance and strong risk management to reduce the impacts of global events on our business and clients.  Our social investing solutions support sustainable development and economic opportunity.

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We are helping to achieve SDG 8 by promoting sustainable economic growth through job creation and financial strength.

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Televisa Tunes in to Investor Needs

Televisa tapped BNY Mellon’s Depositary Receipts to learn more about ESG disclosure and best practices and improve its ESG performance ratings.

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ESG in Mainstream Investing

Insight has developed a sustainable euro corporate bond strategy which seeks to generate both financial returns and positive impact.

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ESG Landscape: The Issuer’s View

Helping issuers better manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and communicate more effectively to investors.


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Hurricanes Test Our Resolve

Though managing risk is routine at BNY Mellon, 2017 events tested our resiliency and proved our resolve to help one another and those in need.

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Risk Training Broadens Perspectives

BNY Mellon managers’ risk knowledge and experience are crucial to our strong risk culture.

Empowering Employees to Protect the Markets

For people who work in financial services, managing risk is one of their most important responsibilities. BNY Mellon employees are aware of the risks relevant to their work and know what steps to take to help protect our clients, company and markets.

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CSR Downloads

Each year we report on our CSR activities and performance. Access our CSR Reports and other downloads.

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