The Global Workforce is Changing

Today’s diverse workforce is made up of five generations of colleagues located all over the world and have varying definitions of inclusion. To attract and retain top talent, managers must respond to different cultural backgrounds, levels of technology savviness and engagement expectations.

Why the Changing Workforce Matters

To achieve strong business results, companies must respond to employees’ needs.

A productive, vibrant workforce is essential. BNY Mellon continually evaluates employee engagement, skills development and benefits programs to meet employees’ needs and values. Our community work helps people develop skills and overcome barriers so they can prosper in the digital world.


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We empower our people to achieve their potential with quality jobs that contribute to inclusive economic growth.

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Young Entrepreneurs Take Action

BNY Mellon supports Enactus USA, a platform for student entrepreneurs to transform lives in sustainable ways.

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LGBT + Networks: A How-To

More companies want inclusive workforces, but not all know how to support LGBT + employees.  BNY Mellon and Barclays in London shared their strategies.

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Technology Enables Success

In 2017, BNY Mellon helped support technology skills training for disadvantaged, disabled students in Japan.


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Pension Funds Invest Responsibly

European pension funds increasingly consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.  BNY Mellon and PGGM discuss the trend.


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Mental Health: Silent No More

Despite the toll a mental health issue can take, it remains a taboo in many workplaces.  BNY Mellon helps to bring the discussion into the open.

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The Future Comes to Kids

With BNY Mellon funding, the Carnegie Science Center’s Mini Mobile Lab brings STEM education opportunities to underserved students.

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Enhancing India’s Workplace Culture

BNY Mellon India finds creative ways to meet its workforce’s changing needs and engage them for better business results.

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