Technology is moving faster than ever

Technological advancements like AI and virtual reality mean workers must learn new skills. Armed with social media and smart phones, customers expect businesses to respond 24/7. And in our globalized world, safeguarding data has never been more important.

Why Accelerating Technology Matters

As we depend more on technology, access is vital.

New technologies prompt companies to rethink how they operate. BNY Mellon harnesses technologies to grow our business, equip employees with next-generation skills and strengthen inclusive client relationships. Our philanthropic giving helps build technology skills in communities around the world.


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We support SDG 9, which aims for inclusive infrastructure so all people benefit from the global information society.

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Helping Payments Leap Forward in Real Time

A fast, safe, efficient payments system has the potential to revolutionize the banking system. Enter Real-Time Payments.

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Communities with Technology

BNY Mellon India helped the Cancer Institute build a medical records system to support doctors and researchers looking for more effective treatments.

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ABLE to Impact

BNY Mellon works with ABLE plan sponsors to bring tax-advantaged savings accounts to individuals with disabilities.


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Sustainable Pensions and Fintech

BNY Mellon’s London Innovation Centre shows how fintech solutions can help drive sustainable development.

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Empowered by Technology in India

Only 10 percent of people in India are digitally literate. BNY Mellon supports teaching critical technology skills to underprivileged citizens.

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Girls Go Tech in Hong Kong

A technology career could provide a bright future for underprivileged girls in Hong Kong. BNY Mellon and The Women’s Foundation help open the door.

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