Principal Securities Lending

Principal Securities Lending

Finance your short strategies by borrowing securities using cash and securities as collateral.

(Not available in all markets)


  • BNY Mellon continues to rank among financial firms with the highest credit ratings globally and remains Moody’s highest-rated financial firm in the U.S. at the bank level.1 The company's Tier 1 ratio is among the highest of all major U.S. banks and contains a large percentage of common equity.

    • Highly rated counterparty helps diversify traditional risk


  • You can leverage BNY Mellon’s securities financing experience. We have been providing securities lending services since 1977 and have the industry’s largest custodian agent lending program.

    • Additional source of lendable assets
    • Access to the world’s largest supply of lendable securities2
    • Diversification of financing counterparties


  • You can finance your short strategies by borrowing securities and using cash and securities held at BNY Mellon as collateral.

    • Lending longs
    • Pledging of equity collateral
    • Potential opportunities for self-financing and self-borrow transactions (subject to approval and certain restrictions)


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Consolidating repo activities through industry utilities such as central counterparties (CCPs) offers a highly efficient means to counter the increased capital burden created by the regulations.

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1 View credit ratings for The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and its principal subsidiaries.

2 Markit Securities Finance for the period from 1/1/2016 through 12/31/2016 measured against other custodian agent lenders.

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