Securities Finance

Securities Finance

Securities financing tools to source liquidity, borrow securities, and lend securities to help enhance portfolio returns.

BNY Mellon Securities Finance

Regulation and rapidly changing global financial markets can present challenges and opportunities as you implement investment strategies and try to comply with capital requirements.

Work with BNY Mellon as you face these challenges and opportunities. Together, we can build a flexible and efficient financing solution.


Global Perspective

Global Perspective 1

Exceptional insight into evolving needs of a large portion of the world's capital markets.

Global Perspective 2

BNY Mellon continues to rank among financial firms with the highest credit ratings globally*

Global Perspective 3

Leverage our global scale to help meet your trading, financing and collateral needs.

Innovative Capabilities

Innovative Capabilities 1

Ability to accept expanding forms of non-cash collateral.

Innovative Capabilities 2

Focus on intrinsic return to help optimize return on assets.

Innovative Capabilities 3

Finance your investment portfolios and convert idle assets to support your investment strategies.


Interconnectivity 1

Unique market position as major clearing bank & collateral management service provider.

Interconnectivity 2

Leadership participation within trade and industry organizations.

Interconnectivity 3

Benefit from our industry relationships as you look to drive results.

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services 1

Robust selection of flexible product options including securities lending, borrowing securities and secured loans.

Comprehensive Services 2

Tools to help you to collateralize transactions, enhance returns and facilitate liquidity.

Comprehensive Services 3

Together, we can build a flexible and efficient financing solution.


Technology 1

Next-generation technology combined with a global operating model and scalable infrastructure.

Technology 2

Non-cash and cash collateral investment flexibility, proprietary auction technology, and detailed analyses.

Technology 3

Empowers you to make more informed investment decisions.


Our Thinking

Rocket of Money

Sponsored Repos are Surging

Banks are sponsoring repos into clearing at a rapid clip, providing critical new capacity to the market.

Slice of Cake

ETFs to Join the Collateral Party?

Explore how ETFs could become the next big thing in collateral circles.

Rocket of Money

The Meteoric Rise of Treasuries

Discover how US government debt has risen to the apex of global collateral and securities finance over the past decade.

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