Agency Securities Lending

As you look to construct a securities lending program that aligns with your goals and objectives, benefit from BNY Mellon’s vast experience and comprehensive suite of services.

We customize a lending profile for you, including a tailored strategy based on your requirements, stated objectives and risk tolerance.

Agency Securities Lending


Cash collateral investment is based upon specific client guidelines that may include approved investments, credit quality, concentration and duration factors.

Investment Strategy and Options

Choose from a range of flexible cash collateral management options to support your investment guidelines. Our options include:

  • Separately managed accounts
  • Externally managed funds
  • Client managed cash

Client Managed Cash

You can manage your own cash collateral (subject to credit approval by BNY Mellon) to support your business priorities. This allows for an alternative source of liquidity for your daily cash needs.

  • Comprehensive risk management and credit research
  • Intrinsic lending driven
  • Ability to lend securities from a wide variety of local markets for increased utilization
  • Choice of more than 100 borrowers that meet BNY Mellon’s credit approval standards
  • Internally managed
  • Dedicated personnel

Leveraging our technology we can build:

  • Customized parameters (e.g., by security manager asset class, etc.)
  • Tailored program structures
  • High levels of automation

Trading Platform

BNY Mellon’s customizable front-end trading application is utilized globally to provide more effective information gathering. By aggregating data from multiple sources into a single application, traders can more quickly recognize changes to relative loan rates which may lead to additional opportunities.

Customized Auction Tool: i-BIDSM

This Internet-based securities auction tool allows traders to structure multi-dimensional auctions, ranging from full or partial portfolio exclusives down to single market or multi-market baskets. The flexibility of the platform allows for multiple collateral types and currencies helping to ensure that we are able to understand demand and the effects of collateral on pricing.

BNY Mellon also offers non-custodial third party lending options with a full range of services if you wish to maintain a custody relationship with another institution, yet are looking to enhance your lending performance.

Business Insights

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Panelists at a BNY Mellon roundtable in January of 2016 took a closer look at recent market trends in the areas of equity finance and equity securities lending, discussing the trends and drivers around recent market volatility and the resulting impact on the equity finance markets across the globe.

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Key Securities Lending Trends for 2016

What trends can beneficial owners expect to see in the securities lending markets over the next 12 months?

Collateral Rising

Michael McAuley, global head of product strategy, securities finance, BNY Mellon Markets, explains where he’s seeing demand for client assets; if the concept of the collateral upgrade trade is new to beneficial owners; how CCPs are developing to meet beneficial owners’ needs; and other trends that he is seeing.

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