Markets Commentary

Markets Commentary

Our highly visible Markets Strategy team provides in-depth, up-to-the-minute market commentary on a daily, weekly and ad hoc basis, depending on the activity on the world’s financial platforms and exchanges. They are frequent contributors to the financial media, including the major financial news television networks, sharing their opinions and forecasts on currency, fixed income and equity issues while delivering fresh and authoritative information on political moves and macro-economic trends related to the assets, regions and markets they cover.


    • Our award-winning markets strategists* provide analysis on financial news of the day with historical perspective.
    • As one of the world’s largest custodians, we have access to macro data on vast cross—border investment flows.

    *Source: Global Finance 2017 FX Awards (Best FX Research, Best Technical Analysis, Best FX Provider (Honorable Mention) - United States)

  • Through iFlow®, we equip you with the knowledge to make well-informed investment decisions. We provide capital flow and market trend analysis of global investment activity, while our strategists provide market commentary on a daily and weekly basis. 


  • Our strategists are highly visible contributors to the financial media, delivering fresh and insightful information on:

    • Currency, equity and bond market trends
    • Major global political events
    • Significant central bank meetings and actions


Our Thinking

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The Aerial View

The Aerial View delivers perceptive, reliable and succinct financial commentary, sharing unique perspectives honed by our commentators’ decades of experience in FX, fixed income and equity markets.

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Financial Markets in 2017

The impact of event risk in the 2016 financial markets looks likely to continue, with the incoming Trump administration, upcoming European elections, a strong US dollar and a decline in China’s FX reserves. Simon Derrick, BNY Mellon’s Chief Currency Strategist, examines issues to watch in 2017.

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