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Prime Brokerage

Prime Brokerage

Prime Brokerage

For many clients, it has become increasingly difficult to access dealer liquidity in recent years. This has been due in part to new bank capital and margin obligations and other regulatory requirements. If you have encountered these issues, we can assist you in both accessing the market and optimizing your portfolio in a single location.

Our prime brokerage service lets you centralize your obligations and net down your collateral exposure to BNY Mellon. By doing so, we’ll automate your post-trade workflow, increasing efficiency while reducing costs and operational risk. In addition to benefiting from the scale and credit available here, you will have access to our deep pool of liquidity providers and all major currencies.


  • Access to abundant FX liquidity

    • Portfolio netting to reduce gross counterparty exposure

    • IM and VM consolidation

    • Collateral transformation via our collateral management and securities lending services

    • Automate post-trade workflow

    • 24-hour client service

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    We offer coverage and support across all major currency pairs, including non-deliverable forwards. We also boast a major presence in the interdealer market.

  • With challenges like MiFID II and non-cleared margin rules complicating operations, we provide a range of back-office solutions to help you more effectively manage your FX assets.

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