FX Overlay

FX Overlay

FX Overlay

Whatever your hedging needs, our experienced team of product specialists can create a tailored hedging solution based on your specific requirements.

Whether you are an asset owner or manager, we can take care of your FX overlay strategy, execute hedges, adjustments and rolls, all according to your predefined parameters. We’ll also provide you with comprehensive reporting to ensure full transparency, taking the heavy lifting off your shoulders.


  • Supporting the distribution of your funds to investors around the globe, while insulating them from excessive currency volatility.

  • Mitigates in whole, or in part, the FX exposure within a single or aggregated investment portfolios.

Our Thinking


FX Overlay with BNY Mellon

Currency hedging strategies help funds to mitigate currency volatility risk. Fund investors are becoming increasingly aware of this risk and are asking more questions about a fund’s currency hedging program. In addition, the execution, timing and capabilities around a currency hedging program can have a significant impact on the end investor’s implicit costs.

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