FX Payments

As international business continues to expand, an efficient and cost effective cross-border payment service is essential. Making foreign exchange payments can be challenging, but let BNY Mellon help you.

FX Payments


FX Payment Service

  • Send payments in over 100 currencies and receive payments in more than 35 currencies.
  • Substantially decrease the need to maintain accounts in local markets.
  • Leverage our offerings in FX and Transaction Banking by initiating payments from your account to pay beneficiaries globally.
  • Access our dedicated local client services.

Extensive Network

BNY Mellon has an extensive global payments processing network. With our comprehensive service, you can send and receive cross-border payments through multiple channels.



BNY Mellon FX Paymentssm allows you to customize the way you make FX payments, consolidate accounts, reduce time consuming reconciliation, lower account fees, and help efficiently manage your assets.


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*Negotiated pricing, via a Request for Quote, phone, or pre-negotiated terms.

**A daily rate using a snapshot of Reuters for currency pairs with pre-applied spreads and can be provided via email or online.

Foreign Exchange Disclaimer