Custody FX Programs

Custody FX Programs

BNY Mellon offers Custody FX Program options that allow you to automate the processing and execution of FX transactions related to portfolio activity.

The choice is yours

Select the Custody FX Program option that enables you to execute your FX transactions in a manner that suits your currency and custody requirements.


    • Disclosure of pricing methodology through program descriptions
    • Price netting* within an account and across accounts upon request
    • BNY Mellon is the principal to all trades.#
    • Post-trade reports allow monitoring of FX execution

    * Price netting will occur for trades in the same currency pair, priced by the same pricing location, on the same business day and within the same session or pricing cycle. Such trades will receive the same base rate. Please review relevant program description for detailed mechanics.

    # Subject to applicable law

  • FX transactions related to custody events (below) may be automated based on your preferences.

    • Settlement of foreign securities transactions
    • Repatriation of income and dividends
    • Handling of corporate actions
    • Other custody-related cross-border payments
  • With BNY Mellon Custody FX, you may:

    • use client-defined preferences for trade execution and account administration;
    • significantly reduce daily administration of your Custody FX activities; and
    • choose from among various Custody FX programs to find the one that meets your foreign exchange requirements.

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