Collateral Administration

Collateral Administration

Leverage BNY Mellon’s expertise, services and infrastructure to effectively manage your collateral as you navigate the impact of regulatory reforms.


  • BNY Mellon can serve as a single source for your collateral servicing needs and integrate these solutions into your current processes to help to enhance your capabilities in response to regulatory or trading strategy changes.

    Imagine how a holistic approach to managing your collateral activities can benefit your trading strategies

    • margin management
    • portfolio reconciliation
    • online, real-time portal
  • Our suite of collateral administration tools, technology and services are designed to help you manage collateral requirements and portfolio reconciliation needs.

    Our support helps you with the intricate operational and administrative activities associated with managing collateral for bilaterally traded transactions.

    • empower your operations with solutions that help you take into account new regulatory requirements;
    • tap into your unrealized collateral potential; and
    • increase transparency and oversight
  • Our flexible service model supports both omnibus and segregated accounts as well as pledge and title transfer of collateral.

    Build a relationship with BNY Mellon and leverage our services, expertise and infrastructure to help you:

    • mitigate operational and counterparty risk
    • access in-region expertise supported by a global service model
    • expand your tradable products and investment strategies

Business Insights

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Collateral Solutions for a Changing Market

In this third paper in our collateral management series, we explore a range of innovative solutions available from BNY Mellon that can help financial institutions and institutional investors meet today’s collateral challenges. 

Our Thinking

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Collateral Management: A Review of Market Issues

This background paper, co-written by The Field Effect and BNY Mellon, is the first in a series of papers which will focus on the wide ranging collateral management challenges and opportunities currently facing the market.

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Collateral Management: Navigating the Regulatory Maze

Shining the spotlight on specific industry regulations and directives by distilling their aims and objectives.

Why BNY Mellon Collateral Administration?


Broad reach across three continents


Helping clients solve their trading, financing, liquidity and collateral needs


Global in scope, regional in design, local in delivery

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