We offer receivables processing that provides efficient, centralized collection points for your cash, and enables you to capture and access important business information in real time.

Longstanding Expertise

Drawing on more than 50 years of receivables processing experience, we provide deposit, electronic banking and lockbox services.


  • Convenience

    Deliver information about receivables when and where you need it


    Use a suite of paper and electronic alternatives that mesh with your receivables needs

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    Address both domestic and international receipts

  • Savings

    Reduce your processing costs


    Accelerate incoming cash

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    Minimize exception items

  • Process Improvement

    Collect consumer and business payments efficiently and effectively

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    Create a well-documented, auditable and repeatable process

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    Combine data from electronic and paper payment systems in a single transmission


Historically, developing a receivables solution hinged on its impact on accelerating funds availability.

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