We can help you collect payments quickly and efficiently, accelerate cash flow and increase your investment opportunities.

Our Wholesale, Wholetail and Retail Lockbox solutions offer the advanced technology and superior quality you need to streamline your accounts receivable through four core nationwide lockbox processing centers and three additional capture sites.



Handle payments received outside of your lockbox.

Global Perspective 1

Improve customer service through faster information access.

Global Perspective 2

Create a well-documented, auditable and repeatable process.



Quickly access critical information from paper receivables.


Streamline your accounts receivable file update process.


Collect consumer and business payments efficiently and effectively.


Technology 1

Reduce mail float and eliminate exceptions.

Technology 2

Minimize the cost of your process.

Focus on your core competencies instead of administration.


To maximize cash flow and increase your investment opportunities, you need to collect large-dollar payments from your business partners quickly and efficiently.

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