As a leading provider of trust and agency services, we know that administering debt securities is an act of public trust.

With enhanced regulations requiring ever stricter compliance, we provide U.S. public sector debt issuers and loan and grant recipients with transparent compliance and reporting services. Our offerings meet the need to advance the public's benefit, yet protect the public's interest.


  • Do you have tax-exempt or tax-advantaged bonds? Do you have evidence supporting compliance with the arbitrage requirements of the Tax Reform Act of 1986?

    Our specialized arbitrage compliance team, along with our custom software, can perform the post-issuance compliance calculations required by the IRS, allowing you to concentrate on other key elements of your debt issuance.

    What we can provide: 

    • Arbitrage yield computation 
    • Arbitrage report schedules including a detailed bond yield calculation, investments by fund and rebate computation 
    • Deadline tracking to avoid late filing penalties and/or interest 
    • Filing assistance for IRS Form 8038-T 
    • Response support to IRS audit requests


  • We have the scale, strength and sophistication to provide safekeeping for clients’ assets in markets throughout the world.

    Leveraging our position as one of the world’s largest and best-in-class securities custodians, we offer a collection of high-quality safekeeping services for governmental agencies.

    Our Custody and Safekeeping solutions include: 

    • Corporate action and proxy services 
    • Income collection 
    • Daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly electronic transaction and position reporting via web-based interface 
    • Electronic trade input and tailored report output (trade settlement) 
    • Large selection of short-term funds 
    • Automatic daily sweep of cash balances into short-term investment funds


  • A truly unique form of financing, our team has experience with BAB, QSCB, QZAB, QECB and CREB and will assist you with the various program requirements to ensure a smooth transaction.

    We understand the importance of providing clients with up-to-date information on Federal Government changes and are here to help.

    Our services include:

    • Calculation Agent Services
    • Filing of 8038-CP form


  • Choosing an Escrow Agent can prove difficult when there are many transaction components and interested parties with differing objectives. These requirements can often be overlooked until a transaction is about to close.

    We recognize the importance of escrow arrangements to the successful completion of business transactions, and place great emphasis on providing flexible solutions with rapid turnaround times.

    Our Escrow services include: 

    • Standard escrow agreements which help reduce legal costs at the account set-up stage 
    • A streamlined investing process and a full suite of directed investment options 
    • Tax documentation preparation services 
    • Safekeeping services for a wide range of securities and asset classes 
    • Web-based single sign-on platform for accessing your accounts


  • Collecting debt service payments and paying bondholders are required for every debt transaction. Our dedicated Center of Excellence team provides customizable and scalable solutions to yield the best execution.

    Our Paying Agency services include but are not limited to:

    • Collecting principal and interest payments
    • Record keeping of holders
    • Working with DTC


  • Federal, state and municipal governments are confronted with serious challenges as they solve for today’s growing infrastructure needs. As an unbiased intermediary, we are here to support you and administer debt and cash flow activities to ensure a successful transaction.

    Infrastructure systems throughout the U.S. require extensive upgrades.

    We are your long-term provider, offering comprehensive services for U.S. Municipal Project Finance and Public Private Partnerships: 

    • Debt Administration Services 
    • Indenture Trustee and Paying Agent (bond servicing) 
    • Third-Party Administrative Agent/Facility Agent (loan servicing) 
    • Project Account Bank/ Depositary Agent 
    • Collateral Agent/ Securities Intermediary 
    • Arbitrage Compliance Services


  • Whether you need basic trustee services or access to a wide array of non-traditional services, we have the resources and expertise to meet your requirements.

    Our public debt team specializes in administering trust appointments and providing expert insight into new market trends. We are committed to our clients and customize services to meet your needs.

    The role of a trustee includes: 

    • Enforcing covenants and administering indenture provisions 
    • Investing funds at the direction of the issuer/obligor 
    • Coordinating with all parties in preparation for the issuance of the debt securities 
    • Representing the interests of the bond holders 
    • Administering the preparation and reporting of tax statements and reports                                 
    • Working with our internal Capital Markets team for investment opportunities


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