As an independent third-party provider, we are committed to offering unbiased, customized results for federal credit programs.

With wide ranging resources and deep knowledge working with government entities on program development and administration, we bring you value by creating efficiencies and enhancing performance.


  • We offer comprehensive Program Administration services and proven economic stability programs successfully used during the economic crisis.

    Program Administration services combine core trust and agency services with  infrastructure support, including dedicated technology and BPO teams.


  • We provide a variety of trust and agency services in support of Federal Agency Loan and Guarantee programs.

    We serve large, complex programs to simplify processes for you around coordination of products and services around transaction processing, record keeping, loan servicing and portfolio management.  We also support agency programs with secondary market features designed to allow approved lenders to sell all or a portion of the loans to investors. 


  • We are a leading provider of loan document custody (LDC) services to the federal government spanning the various GSE’s and other federal agency loan guarantors.

    The LDC product delivers the review, validation and physical or electronic safekeeping of documents associated with financial transactions. We also offer analytical services for asset monitoring, data aggregation and reporting.


  • We offer extensive Fiscal & Financial Agency services for Federal Credit Programs.

    We handle a wide array financial duties including calculation and disbursement of fees, principal and interest payments to lenders and investors, and other financial administrative aspects.


  • Our sophisticated services support RMBS securitizations and whole loan portfolios for federal agencies, GSE’s and other privately owned government sponsored financial institutions.

    BNY Mellon's Master Servicing platform provides servicer oversight, monthly loan level processing for various mortgage types and detailed loan/ pool level reporting. Acting in the role of Securities Administrator and/or Paying Agent  on securitized transactions, we supply robust bond analytics that include deal modeling, collateral administration, shadow administration and customized reporting.


Why BNY Mellon Corporate Trust?

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SBA One powered by BNY Mellon

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GSA Contractor for Loan Servicing to Federal Agencies

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Document Custodian for over 3,000 clients, holding over 13 million collateral records

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