Our industry-leading subaccounting platform enables broker-dealers and other financial institutions to aggregate trades and provide subaccounting recordkeeping for mutual fund positions.

Our services can be applied across management companies for both the proprietary and non-proprietary funds of our clients. As the first and largest third-party provider of subaccounting services in the U.S.1, servicing more than 135 million active subaccount positions, we provide a complete solution for subaccounting recordkeeping.


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Solutions for Subaccounting Recordkeeping

Our solution offers a full suite of back-office omnibus recordkeeping functionality for firms of all sizes, including clearing firms, wirehouses, independent broker-dealers, banks and mutual funds and is suited for all fund structures and share classes including, retail funds, supermarkets, wrap accounts, health savings accounts, 529 Plans, omnibus processing, offshore, direct-at-fund, ETF omnibus processing and books and records (NTO).


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It’s Not Your Parent’s Transfer Agency

Responding to Changing Dynamics within the Mutual Funds Industry

The business of mutual fund transfer agency is evolving. Over the last decade, this evolution was evident as mutual funds and their transfer agents responded to challenges presented by innovations in shareholder servicing models.


Evaluating your Oversight Program

With the growth of subaccounting, the Transfer Agent (TA) is no longer the single platform for an asset manager’s data. Michael Mitchell, Vice President, Global Investor Services Group, discusses "Distributed Recordkeeping" and how these changes have spurred discussions regarding the operational processes and technology employed in conducting oversight.

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1 As ranked by the 2013 Mutual Fund Service Guide