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Our goal is to aggregate industry data, identify useful trends, and provide sales, marketing and product teams with impactful data-driven insights.

Intermediary Analytics, part of BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions, specializes in delivering distribution insights to asset managers and broker dealers. Industry practitioners can leverage our analysis to support expansion efforts, improve sales performance, inform new product offerings, or add to just about any relationship or product management activity that helps drive success.

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  • Get secure access – anytime, anywhere – to critical industry data, such as asset and sales information on fund products, and powerful analytical tools with our Distribution Management Solution, a sophisticated, modular, web-based business intelligence solution.

    To make the best decisions, you need the best data. Our Distribution Management Solution transforms assets under management (AUM) and asset flow data, received directly from our broker dealer sponsors, into actionable dashboards and reports, giving you a comprehensive picture to make the most informed decisions. You obtain data analytics that help answer key questions, so your firm can assess options and execute with confidence in today's competitive landscape.

    You also receive a comprehensive set of reports that touch all aspects of a business, providing integral data and insight into productivity levels and asset holdings. You will spend less time gathering data so you can spend more time crafting action-oriented strategies that drive successful execution.

    Learn more in our Distribution Management Solution Brief (PDF 307 KB)

  • Intelligent Dashboard™ is a secure, web-based, business intelligence tool that gives you and your stakeholders the right information at the right time. It turns massive amounts of data into actionable metrics, delivered when you need them.

    Intelligent Dashboard helps you monitor key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions on your tactical and strategic objectives. Its customized dashboards provide an easy-to-read scorecard to help you manage more effectively. You can establish and monitor thresholds – and receive exception-based email alerts if thresholds are breached, allowing you to effectively support compliance, regulatory and audit roles.

    Intelligent Dashboard eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets and individual manipulation of data. Your management team can view the same results in an easy-to-read format. Teams across your organization can use this tool, including:

    • Sales and distribution management
    • Compliance
    • Treasury
    • Securities lending
    • Executive fund management
    • Price optimization
    • Sales performance
  • Spend more time on strategic tasks—not on manual data gathering activities. Our Due Diligence Workflow Solution consolidates compliance processes and automates reporting across investment managers and subadvisors.

    For investment managers who impose rigorous requirements for subadvisor approval, the Subadvisor Certification feature delivers a secure, web-based certification process to approve and monitor all of your subadvisor relationships. Your compliance staff will have better analytics and reporting and enhanced risk mitigation, and you will spend less time and fewer resources certifying managers.

    The Investment Manager Assessment feature is designed for broker-dealers seeking to continuously evaluate and qualify investment managers and their offerings. It is a customizable solution featuring an automated Request for Proposal (RFP) process, manager onboarding capability and ongoing manager due diligence. This feature transforms paper-based, labor-intensive manual processes into a modernized workflow that reduces operational expenses, improves documentation and helps you manage risk.

    Learn more in our Subadvisor Certification Solution Brief (PDF 548 KB)

    Learn more in our Investment Manager Assessment Brief (PDF 303 KB)

Business Insights


Q1 2020 Market Disruption: ETFs are a Market Stabilizer

Market disruptions, to be expected, wreak havoc to packaged-product flows. Through a unique lens available via BNY Mellon Intermediary Analytics – utilizing data from national, regional and independent broker dealers, and registered investment advisors (RIAs) – we have seen the fund flow landscape turned upside down.

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Top 3 Trends Around Active Fund Flows

Looking for additional insights that can potentially help support sales efforts? Distribution trend analysis, offered by Intermediary Analytics, part of BNY Mellon’s Data and Analytics Solutions, can help you understand the drivers behind advisors’ use of active and passive products.

Wind farm with sun rising

Three Insights to Understanding the Growth of SRI and ESG Investing

If you’re an Investment Manager looking to expand distribution, understanding these socially responsible trends can help tap into a key area of interest for clients and determine possible next steps.



Intelligent Dashboards for Operational Efficiency

Christine Gill, Global Head of Asset Manager and Investor Solutions, illustrates how customizable Intelligent Dashboards from Intermediary Analytics can meet the specific needs of asset managers.




Streamlining the Subadvisor Certification Process

Christine Gill, Global Head of Asset Manager and Investor Solutions, discusses the rise of subadvisors and how asset managers can perform due diligence efficiently using Intermediary Analytics.

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Three Trends Driving Active ETF Interest

What are the key structural trends driving interest in Active ETFs? We examine this question in light of ETF product growth, advisor demand and a focus on fees.

People in motion ascending staircase in modern office building

The Growth Trajectory of Separately Managed Accounts Continues

While Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) and mutual fund flows tend to garner headlines, a somewhat overlooked area of consistent growth is Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs).




Analyzing Distribution Trends

Christine Gill, Global Head of Asset Manager and Investor Solutions, explains how the Intermediary Analytics suite helps asset managers improve business performance and grow assets.

hand writing on tablet

What’s Behind Mutual Fund Flow Growth?

Almost halfway into 2018, current retail trends are building from the past three years. To understand where we are headed, and if this trajectory will continue, it’s helpful to look at where we’ve been.

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Our product intelligence and oversight tools help you improve distribution effectiveness.

You benefit from the power of actionable metrics, delivered to the right people at the right time.

Better control your due diligence and oversight compliance processes and reporting.

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