Global Reach. Hands-On Support.

BNY Mellon combines the end-to-end capabilities of a global ETF service provider with the hands-on support you need to help you address your most complex operational requirements.

With the flexibility to execute on almost any investment strategy, you can rely on our expertise and relationship-driven approach to get your products to market, efficiently.


  • Our industry-leading technology platform offers unparalleled flexibility and automation so you can execute any product strategy with a streamlined workflow. Our dedicated technology team is continuously working to introduce enhancements that expand our capabilities — and your business.

    • Built on a proven, high-volume platform, our services are used by many of the industry’s largest ETF issuers.
    • We offer the ability to customize basket structure with ease and reliability.
    • Our  scalable, automated platform helps to mitigate risk and reduces costs of internal staff or third-party to support order flow.
    • Straight-through-processing for ETF trade execution is available through BNY Mellon Markets.
    • We deliver transparent communication between clients, custodians and APs and connectivity to key parties.


  • A consultative partner that keeps you ahead of the curve.

    In today’s competitive market, having an expert advisor on your side gives you a critical edge. Our ETF Services team works closely with you at every stage of the ETF lifecycle, offering deep industry perspectives and hands-on support to address your most complex needs.

    • We have played a leading role in the development of procedures and systems integral to some of the first and most innovative products in the ETF industry.
    • Clients are assigned a dedicated point of contact who works to build long term trust, learn your business and is invested in your success.
    • We help develop customized, streamlined operational workflows to help you grow your business globally.
    • BNY Mellon's breadth provides a holistic view of the evolving needs of the AP community and market access/distribution strategy knowledge.


  • Proven, fine-tuned launch process designed for efficiency.

    As the ETF market continues to mature, winning requires more and more specialized and sophisticated products, and each new fund or strategy launch brings a new challenge. Our detailed, go-to-market process efficiently guides you from conception to launch so you can bring breakthrough products to market — ahead of the competition. 

    • From concept to implementation, our team helps launch over 100 new ETFs every year, offering clients expert advice and a detailed launch process.
    • Along with an intimate knowledge of evolving market trends,  BNY Mellon brings 20 years of experience to servicing the widest range of ETFs.
    • From the first fixed income ETF and the first hard commodity ETF, to Europe’s first ETF, our strong record of first-time product innovations speaks for itself.


  • New market expansion without compromising service.

    Our global reach allows you to expand into new markets with a consistent user experience, platform technology and customer service. Wherever you operate, our team is ready to help you drive assets across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa or Asia Pacific. We’re continually investing in our global footprint — to help you strengthen yours.

    • As of September 30, 2016 , we service 35 ETF issuers globally, offering 641 funds and total assets of $330.5 billion.
    • We provide consistent capabilities and service experience across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
    • Our commitment to the Asia-Pacific region is fortified by our presence in Hong Kong.
    • We supported the creation of Europe’s first ETF, and recently, the creation of the first ETF in the United Arab Emirates.


  • Essential insights and support for improved capital efficiency.

    With shifts in the regulatory landscape, BNY Mellon understands the constraints on liquidity and increased pressure on capital. We build from our own financial strength and stability to provide the insights required to help you

    • Our balance sheet shows consistent strength, with assets, revenues and a capital position that point to success.
    • Credit ratings are consistently among the highest in the financial services industry.*


    * See BNY Mellon's Investor Relations website for current credit ratings.

Why BNY Mellon for your ETF Needs?

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Power and convenience of connectivity to the global markets.

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A gateway to the investment advisor community.

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Respected sub-advisor* to handle your assets as carefully as you would.

*Sub-advisor services provided by Mellon Capital.


Regulation Update

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A New Day for ETFs in the U.S.

The SEC’s adoption of Rule 6c-11 (the “ETF Rule”) establishes a consistent framework for new ETF products to help drive innovation and competition. Our ETF team summarized the new rule and implications for issuers.

From Inside ETFs 2019 Conference

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BNY Mellon ETF Survey

We polled 38 senior executives from the ETF community on their main concerns and future plans for 2019.

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A Foreigner in Florida

Following Inside ETFs Hollywood 2019, Tony O’Brien reflects on key takeaways, including how far ETFs have come—and where they’re headed.

Featured Video Series

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5 Things to Know When Issuing ETFs for the First Time

In this video series, our ETF experts explain five things to consider when issuing ETFs for the first time.

Business Insights

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The Next Evolution of Actively Managed ETFs

The recent news regarding the Precidian ActiveShares® filing provides a light at the end of the tunnel for active managers who want to leverage the ETF wrapper.

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U.S. ETF Rule: Are You Ready for Custom Baskets

In preparation for the implementation of custom baskets, BNY Mellon has authored a series of documents, with this being the first, to help ETF issuers maximize their use of this old for some but new capability for many.

The Growing Need for Global ETF Model Portfolios

BNY Mellon experts discuss the growing adoption of model portfolios across advisor, broker and investor platforms in U.S. & Europe.

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Can Fixed Income ETFs Handle Increased Volatility?

We explore different fixed income asset classes to see if past success remains true for multiple strategies within fixed income, or if particular sectors are better equipped to meet investor trading demands.

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Promoting ETF Liquidity - Revisiting Rule 5250

Increasing growth in the number of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the U.S. market continues to raise questions around the liquidity of ETFs. As part of these discussions, the market place remains focused on improving the market structure for ETFs.

Central Bank, Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland

The Central Bank of Ireland publishes feedback statement on the ETF discussion paper

The much-anticipated feedback statement following the release of DP6 on Exchange Traded Funds by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) was released 14 September 2018. Ireland has long been the domicile of choice for European ETFs, with the vast majority of European ETFs now domiciled in Ireland, so the CBI’s continued focus on this growing sector comes as no surprise.

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Are ETFs Poised to Revolutionize the Bond Market?

There is a running theory on Wall Street that the billions of dollars flooding into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will make their component securities easier to trade. That would be welcome news for the $40 trillion U.S. bond market, where liquidity — or the ability to buy and sell easily in reasonable size — has been dwindling.

The European ETF Market: Opportunities and Challenges

The European ETF industry is gaining significant momentum and there seems to be an increasing number of established asset managers seeking their way into the ETF space. Read our interview with Hector McNeil, Co-CEO, HANetf on various trends shaping the European ETF landscape.

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BNY Mellon's ETF Rule Comment Letter to the SEC

We have submitted a comment letter to the SEC on the proposed ETF Rule (6c-11) and provided our position on the four key elements we view as most important in the proposed regulatory changes, and our advocacy for the SEC’s efforts to maximize investor choice and ease of entry into the ETF marketplace.

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ETF Video Series

In this seven-part video series, get an inside view on the shifting landscape of ETFs and what that means for asset managers.

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The New Norm to Launching ETFs

Ten years following the first proposal by the SEC for an ETF rule, the ETF industry may finally be set to receive its own rule under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (“40 Act”). Read how the rule could affect fund managers looking to launch an ETF.



Fund Managers: Thinking about launching an ETF?

Jeff McCarthy, CEO of Exchange Traded Funds, explains how BNY Mellon can help asset managers “Design. Build. Manage. Grow.” an ETF.

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Navigate the ETF Lifecycle with Confidence

Jeff McCarthy, CEO of ETF Services for BNY Mellon, shares insights into today’s ETF environment in a Q&A.

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5 Key Trends that Could Define the Future of Investing

With a shifting landscape, how can both ETF and mutual fund managers be poised to adapt their business to take advantage of newly launched ETF products?

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A Marketing Strategy Makes a New ETF Stand Out

Newly launched ETFs compete against other funds for the attention of advisors and brokers. See how market access platforms can help ETFs get traction.

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A Holistic Approach to ETF Services

The ETF market is becoming more competitive by the day. See why a holistic service approach could be the differentiator for your fund.

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Five Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an ETF Service Provider

Operational challenges can prevent a sponsor from reaching its full potential. Identifying and considering five key factors early in the development phase of an ETF product launch can help ETF Sponsors reach their desired goals.

Our Thinking

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DOL Rule – Another Ingredient for ETF Growth

On April 10, 2016 the DOL finalized its Conflict of Interest Rule, which re-defines the term fiduciary for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974  and the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. This paper will explore the basics of the rule, and look at potential effects on the ETF industry.

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The Evolving ETF: Using Exchange Traded Funds in Client Portfolios

This new research and the resulting whitepaper offers a number of surprises about who is using ETFs, their place in investor portfolios, how they are perceived by advisors and their rate of adoption in light of the Department of Labor’s Conflict of Interest Rule.

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UIT Tax Information. IRS Form 8937: Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities

*; December 23, 2014