Dedicated Managed Accounts

Institutional investors globally are increasingly using dedicated managed accounts – single investor funds – as a mechanism through which to invest in hedge funds.

Dedicated managed accounts provide numerous benefits including greater control, transparency and governance of hedge fund investments; the ability to customize investment mandates and structures; and the potential for fee compression.

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Onboarding and Fund Setup

  • Coordination of fund structuring and organization
  • Coordination of drafting and negotiation of investment management agreements
  • Prime broker and ISDA counterparty relationship management and coordination of contract negotiation and account opening
  • Operational onboarding of hedge fund managers


Daily Operational Oversight

  • Daily oversight of fund administration
  • Service provider coordination and oversight (including day-to-day oversight of fund operations)
  • Middle office services (collateral management, trade-related payments, NAV review, cash & position reconciliations, expense verification and payment, audit coordination)
  • Investment guideline compliance monitoring


Daily T+1 Risk and Performance

  • Position-level risk (VaR, Stress Testing, Scenario Analysis etc)
  • Position and aggregate performance analytics
  • Counterparty exposure reporting



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