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BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions combines the capabilities and resources of the Eagle product, Eagle ACCESSSM, Intermediary Analytics and other BNY Mellon technology and data assets to build client-centric data, technology and content solutions.

With the Eagle software suite as a foundation, Data and Analytics Solutions equips you with the tools for utilizing data in the front, middle and back office. Operating with the skill and agility of a fintech, Data and Analytics Solutions is a software and content offering built upon an open ecosystem of partnering with leading technology providers.

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Client-centric Data, Technology and Content Solutions

We help our clients become future ready with superior technology and tools for utilizing and extracting value from data.

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Introducing BNY Mellon’s Data and Analytics Solutions

Starting from a position of strength, this new initiative will enhance the management of data, improve data accessibility and deliver high-quality data content and applications.

Why Data and Analytics Solutions?

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Valuable Data

Harness data, the world’s most important asset class in today’s fast-moving global marketplace, and transform it into higher alpha, cheaper beta, lower costs, and less risk—outcomes that help position your firm for success.

Flexible Analytics

With dynamic applications and strategic content solutions, analyze your data from different vantage points to gain actionable insights about business challenges and regulatory requirements.

Innovative Solutions

A global platform can help you consolidate and leverage data for growth: stay agile and responsive to market, client and regulatory changes with our broad range of secure cloud-based products.


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An ecosystem of proprietary and third-party business applications.

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A suite of innovative, cloud-based products.

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Solutions to ingest, tag and track multi-format, multi-source data.

Our Solutions

  • Analyze Trends. Expand Distribution.

    Our industry data, analytics, and workflow solutions are designed to provide the business intelligence you need to accomplish your goals. Intermediary Analytics specializes in business intelligence solutions designed to maximize the interactions of asset managers and broker dealers in their respective product distribution efforts. Our solutions are used by industry practitioners to help improve sales performance, product oversight efforts, due diligence activities, and the relationship and product management activities that drive success.

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  • Receive critical demand insights. Drive strategy and tactics.

    Discover powerful insights into investment product demand drivers and sales momentum across different U.S. geographies. Distribution Analytics is a cohesive, predictive investment data solution for asset owners and managers to understand distribution efforts better. Highly interactive and API-enabled, Distribution Analytics is built upon more than a decade of asset and sales information from 900+ broker dealers and Registered Investment Advisors. With Distribution Analytics, asset managers can better define their overall strategy and tactics for product placement, product management, product creation, and digital communication efforts.

    The predictive application analyzes BNY Mellon’s unique sources of Mutual Fund and ETF data to help different types of users across sales, marketing, strategy, finance, and product management better understand what is driving demand, how markets are ranking, and where momentum is predicted with artificial intelligence (AI). Via interactive user screens, Distribution Analytics leverages three key elements: Demand Clusters, Market Profiles, and Sales Momentum.

    • Demand Clusters: Unique clustering schema that groups local markets into common predictive behavioral patterns and sensitivities.
    • Market Profiles: Monthly updated and detailed quantitative insight into specific product flows, which include many dimensions, such as performance, risk expense, and asset class.
    • Sales Momentum: Projections for national and localized changing sales patterns expressed with short-term AI-based momentum time series measures.
  • Integrated Information. Individual Preferences.

    The ESG Data Analytics application is a cloud-based application that mass-customizes investment portfolios to clients’ individual ESG factor preferences. The application’s rigorous data governance and peer behavior feedback loops guide the user’s selection of ESG factors to construct custom investment portfolios. Through peer behavior feedback loops, the ESG Data Analytics app helps support the definition of ESG industry standards across investor types. As a part of an open ecosystem of complementary solutions and designed for ESG investment portfolio managers, research analysts, financial advisors, client reporting teams, securities borrowers, and lenders, the application solves for three key client needs—customization, standardization, and demonstrability.

      • Customizes Portfolios to ESG Preferences: ESG Data Analytics enables the incorporation of individual ESG preferences in portfolio and policy design. Gain a better understanding of the relationship between ESG ratings across different commercial vendors by viewing your factor preferences against commonly accepted taxonomies, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With dynamic mapping of ESG factors against multiple data sources— third-party, in-house or public—you can structure and review investment portfolios across different measurement regimes.
      • Supports ESG Investment Standardization: The lack of widely accepted ESG industry standards intensifies the need of investors to understand peer group behavior. The ESG Data Analytics App's crowdsourcing metrics reveal peer behavior, providing you with a deeper understanding of other investor views of factor relevance, as well as the use of underlying factors as defined by multiple data sources. Moreover, the depth of the BNY Mellon network, coupled with anonymized data usage from institutional asset managers and asset owners, helps begin the establishment of informal standards, while supporting investment policy decisions. This in turn helps improve data quality via a feedback loop to data vendors.
    • Shows Demonstrability of ESG Investment: Investors, stakeholders, and regulators expect greater transparency around ESG investing. The ESG Data Analytics App's unique combination of multi-taxonomy mapping, crowdsourced research, and factor analysis enables you—from portfolio design to implementation—to evidence individual client preferences and compare ESG factor implementation across various managers. Upload portfolios and security lists to construct custom investment portfolios, while increasing transparency and demonstrability with better-informed investment processes, such as security selection, portfolio optimization, and proxy voting.
  • Transform your data landscape.

    Managed effectively, investment data is your firm’s most valuable asset. However, data management is more than security reference data or preventing bad trades. It’s a “single version of the truth” always within reach. BNY Mellon’s Eagle Data Management platform delivers enriched, reliable data, so you can gain actionable insights, meet today’s intricate business and regulatory requirements, and make valuable operational and strategic decisions.

    BNY Mellon’s scalable Eagle Data Management solution enables you to centralize and efficiently manage complex investment assets. View your world from different vantage points, across currencies and among issuers; and utilize information about pricing, corporate actions and exchange rates, to name a few.

    Our exception-based, data-centric platform  facilitates collaboration between business and technology and provides many capabilities:

    • User-centered solutions that deliver the right information to the right people
    • Access to accurate and timely reference data
    • Workflows to automate your business validation, definitions, and processes,
    • Entity-level data to help gauge your risk exposure
    • Complete auditability and system-wide security features via a centralized data repository
  • Transform your data into action.

    Data Vault is an open, flexible investment data platform that helps simplify your processes and unlock the power of your data. As a public cloud, multi-tenant platform, Data Vault not only effortlessly complements your existing data strategy, but also leverages the latest architecture and technologies that promote rapid application design, development, and deployment. Data Vault enables you to reduce costs, mitigate execution risk, and simplify your technology and data environment. With your data seamlessly integrated within the Data Vault, you can achieve new data insights that enable faster, more informed business decisions.

    Data Vault extends the capabilities of the Eagle Data Management solutions and facilitates rapid onboarding of content by eliminating schema conformance and the need to engage engineering resources. Subject matter experts closest to the data can onboard new data as needed and use virtualization techniques to gain a broader, richer understanding of their data, which frees up your resources for other enterprise tasks and empowers your data stewards to manage the data they know best.

    Keeping up with your organization’s data needs and latest vendor changes has never been easier. With our data fabric architecture, you can easily integrate existing information in the Data Vault with remote data sets, regardless of their location or implementation details. Moreover, Data Vault’s open architecture complements your existing data strategy, large data sets can be readily combined and accessed, while users can employ their favorite tools to connect to and explore data blended from many different sources. The result: faster data experimentation and accelerated insights.

    Advanced machine learning and intuitive user experience drive our data quality processes and enable fast issue discovery so you have confidence and trust in your data. Offering best-in-class system availability, scalability, resiliency, and security, Data Vault helps transform your data into action with the following features:

    • Rapid onboarding of new data
    • Frictionless integration with external data sets
    • Data quality validation enabling fit-for-purpose data
    • Data catalog to support data discovery and governance
    • Intuitive self-service data discovery tools
    • Open architecture, so you can use the tools of your choice
    •  Automatic functionality updates
  • A Performance Book of Record for Enterprise-Wide Needs.

    If you manage assets, you need to track performance—daily or monthly—for individual or groups of portfolios at various levels, such as security, sector and total portfolio level. Since accounting, pricing and corporate action data issues can significantly affect return calculations, you need tools that can monitor the calculation process, as well as identify, fix and recalculate inaccurate returns. BNY Mellon’s Eagle Performance Measurement provides a comprehensive solution.

    Stay agile and respond to market, client and regulatory changes. With real-time access to investment data, you can produce an enterprise performance book of record (PBOR) and support multiple business lines across global markets.

    Our single-platform data hub eliminates the hassle of managing multiple performance system vendors and centralizes your performance measurement process across multiple back-office systems and functions:

    • Return Calculations
    • Benchmark Management
    • Attribution
    • Risk Analysis
    • GIPS® Composite Management
    • Retail Fund Performance
    • Performance Analysis Reporting
  • One Platform. Multiple Solutions.

    Improve decision making with accurate data and become a world-class investment organization. BNY Mellon’s Eagle Investment Accounting offers a multi-currency, multi-basis solution that enables a consolidated view of your firm’s global accounting books. With real-time access to investment data, you can make better-informed investment decisions.

    BNY Mellon’s Eagle Investment Accounting solution offers:

    • One platform, multiple solutions—one deployment of the Eagle accounting system can support multiple business operations around the world
    • A scalable architecture that can grow with your business and handle increased transaction volumes across multiple business lines
    • Support for complex security types and corporate actions
    • Externalized accounting functions and methodologies allowing business users to define accounting rules
    • User-friendly Control Center dashboard that creates a single data reference point for increased workflow transparency and security
    • Flexible multi-basis, multi-currency conversions
    • Roll back and replay features updating your books in real time and enabling straight through processing
  • A single, trusted source of investment data.

    Improve your decision making with the IBOR solution. A data-centric approach to IBOR means all your investment data is centralized, providing you with a single source of financial truth to support a consolidated, real-time investment view of assets, exposures and risks across the enterprise.

    The Eagle IBOR solution offers:

    • A comprehensive view of all your assets
    • A view into intra-day positions and cash balances, so you can see the impact of financial events in real time
    • Cash forecasting capabilities
    • The ability to create accurate start-of-day positions
    • Better decision-making capabilities, with the most recent data at your fingertips
  • A visionary approach to complex data challenges.

    Using all the data that floods into investment firms every day requires significant operational and technical expertise. Meanwhile, bringing that expertise in-house requires substantial commitment and investment—and can expose your firm to risk. With a combination of technological expertise and deep business acumen, Data and Analytics Solutions’ Managed Services can present effective, repeatable, scalable data solutions to your organization. Let our team deliver fit-for-purpose information to enable you to make true, data-driven decisions.

    Benefits of using Eagle Managed Services:

    • Scale quickly by augmenting your team with ours
    • Clean, fit-for-purpose data delivered across the globe when it’s needed
    • Technical expertise to get the most out of your Eagle technology investment
    • Domain expertise to leverage operational best practices
  • Optimize your technology investment.

    Work with some of the best implementation professionals in the business—all committed to exceeding your expectations, every time. The Data and Analytics Solutions’ dedicated Professional Services team works closely with you, as well as with our product management and R&D (Research & Development) teams, to deploy innovative, proven implementation methods. Together, we will ensure that your solutions are delivered on time and on budget to optimize your ROI (return on investment).

    From project management to workflow analysis, select from a range of professional services:

    • Product implementation
    • Project management
    • Custom application and development
    • System integration
    • Workflow analysis
    • Testing support
  • Run your business, not your technology.

    Designed to meet the security and service-level needs of financial organizations of all sizes, Data and Analytics Solutions’ Eagle ACCESSSM provides a secure private-cloud solution that includes superior software and world-class service. A seamless, integrated solution, Eagle ACCESSSM makes cost management, efficiency and risk mitigation all achievable. Eagle ACCESSSM adheres to BNY Mellon’s stringent corporate information technology and security standards and is offered in flexible deployment options. In fact, many of the world’s leading financial services firms rely on Eagle ACCESSSM to manage the technology that runs their business.

Business Insights

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ESG 2.0: Crowdsourcing Standards and Mass Customization

More transparency, flexibility and responsiveness to investor needs will yield tremendous gains in advancing ESG standards in a post-pandemic world.

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Sovereigns Embark on Digital Journey

Dan Cavanaugh, Head of BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions in EMEA, recaps key takeaways from BNY Mellon’s Sovereign Wealth Academy.

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Digitizing Our Very Core

Roman Regelman, head of digital, explains how “Digitizing this Very Bank” is about changing each process, product, and client interaction so they are digital — in line with best standards and client expectations at BNY Mellon.

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