BNY Mellon Asset Strategy View®

Identify industry trends in allocation and performance.
Know your performance drivers vis-à-vis peers.

For institutional investors, knowing your performance drivers vis-à-vis peers and understanding the flow of capital across asset classes and investment strategies is critical to making informed investment decisions. Asset Strategy View® delivers three elements of market intelligence that support your analysis of performance.

  • Peer Group Allocation Trending - Get timely information and insights about how peers are allocating across asset classes and sub-asset classes. This valuable information supports your ongoing analysis and stakeholder engagement.
  • Performance Results - See how your total fund’s return compares against the return of your peer group. This capability drills down to comparisons at the asset class and sub-asset class detail.
  • Performance Attribution Comparisons vis-à-vis Peer Group - See how your total fund or plan performance compares with your peer group via three measures: Asset Allocation Effect, Manager Selection Effect and Total/Interaction Effect

The market intelligence provided to you through Asset Strategy View can deepen the analysis you do during the investments process — helping you have more focused conversations with consultants, boards and asset managers.

Asset and Sub-Asset Class Classifications

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Asset Mandate Level

Asset categories and sub-categories

Business Insights

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The GIPS® Standards for Asset Owners

As a result of the increased transparency and due diligence on the part of asset owners, we are seeing a growing interest in attaining Global Investment Performance Standards compliance among the asset owner community.

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BNY Mellon Endowments & Foundations Study

We’ve analyzed performance and asset allocation trends across a spectrum of E&Fs, who need to balance the two-fold objectives of supporting a stable stream of income while preserving the real purchasing power of their assets in perpetuity.

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