Our extensive suite of services spans the derivatives lifecycle, and with our integrated, modular offering, you can select the services you need, when you need them, to navigate the derivatives market.

Our solutions include:

*Liquidity Services Disclaimer


Over the Counter (OTC) Trade Confirmation

In the past, certain derivatives transactions had to go through the trade confirmation process, but today, trade confirmation is essential to satisfy regulatory requirements.

BNY Mellon Can Help

Our OTC derivatives trade confirmation capabilities enable us to review, match and deliver derivatives contract confirmations on your behalf to industry utilities and counterparties. We can help reduce the potential for errors by matching fully automated, semi-automated and manual trades within the same platform.

Operational Efficiency

Our trade confirmation services include:

  • real-time monitoring of trades alleged by or against counterparties;
  • automated confirmation of matching trades utilizing straight-through processing links to industry utilities; and
  • a variety of management information reports and data extracts with specific and aggregated views that can be useful for management oversight and risk control.

Regulations are changing the way you trade and process derivatives. Look to BNY Mellon to support your derivatives transactions.


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Over the Counter (OTC) Independent Valuation

The financial markets never stop moving. To keep up, you need to adopt new methods and use new products and services. One major change in today’s market is the increasing importance of independent valuations for OTC derivatives.

Are You on Trend?

The need for an independent valuation is driven by:

  • recent regulations (e.g., Dodd-Frank Act and EMIR);
  • auditors requiring a primary and secondary source for validation; and
  • trades being executed with multiple counterparties which may require standard valuation methodology.

BNY Mellon Can Help You Keep Up with the Market

Our services cover a wide range of asset types. We provide:

  • valuations sourced from external third-party vendors;
  • BNY Mellon Internal Quantitative Valuation; or
  • valuations provided by clearing houses.

Explore how BNY Mellon’s independent valuation services can help you meet the market’s changing requirements.


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Collateral Administration

We understand that your needs keep changing. Our expertise is in providing solutions designed to complement your unique needs. Leverage BNY Mellon’s global service model, in-region expertise and scalable infrastructure to help you efficiently manage collateral requirements for derivatives, repo and other bilateral trades.

Stay on Course Through Change

As you navigate the changing marketplace, we can help support your bilateral margin obligations, liquidity and/or other financing needs. Discover how our vision and capabilities can help you address evolving regulations or trading strategy changes*.

We can help you:

  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Explore unrealized collateral potential
  • Mitigate operational and counterparty risk
  • Address EMIR collateral reporting requirements
  • Improve transparency and oversight

*Including regulatory imposed bilateral swap margining requirements expected soon in accordance with the BCBS/IOSCO uncleared swap margining framework.


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Cleared Swaps/Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) Margin Management

Regulations are having a major impact on the way you trade derivatives. Recent rulings require the central clearing of certain derivatives, which now increases the complexities of margining.

Leverage BNY Mellon’s Expertise

Exchange-traded derivatives and other centrally cleared derivatives require the daily management of variation margin against the clearing member/broker. BNY Mellon understands the nuances of variation margin, and can help you reconcile that both transactions and collateral positions are aligned between your records and the clearing broker’s records.

Streamline Variation Margin Management Activities through BNY Mellon

Turn to BNY Mellon for margin management support including:

  • broker statement capture;
  • position and margin balance monitoring;
  • ETD variation margin validation; and
  • automated variation margin instruction initiation.

New regulations have created new challenges. Address these challenges by integrating BNY Mellon’s solutions into your current operations to help enhance your capabilities.


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Over the Counter (OTC) Portfolio Reconciliation

Is it time to update your OTC derivatives trading operations? Do you have automated processes for comparing investment manager and counterparty data? Are you delivering timely data to your risk managers responsible for derivatives exposure?

Streamlined, Scalable Process

We leverage industry-leading reconciliation software to facilitate automation and client reporting in the reconciliation of derivatives positions. We compare investment manager and counterparty data to validate books and records daily.

Helping You Mitigate Risk

Our portfolio reconciliation service provides

  • identification, investigation and tracking of breaks from day one;
  • greater trade transparency;
  • extensive product coverage including: credit, rates, equity, foreign exchange and commodities; and
  • web-based dashboard access.

At BNY Mellon, we recognize the unique nature of OTC derivatives and are focused on helping our clients mitigate risk through advanced tools.


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Over the Counter (OTC) Lifecycle Event Management

You can’t go it alone. OTC derivatives are complex and require tracking, validating and processing all along the transaction lifecycle.

Future Lifecycle Events

Within BNY Mellon’s suite of derivatives services, we have developed a set of tools designed to track and process predictable lifecycle events for uncleared OTC derivatives. In most cases, these events include periodic rate resets, assignments, expiries, maturities and associated cash movements. Instruments we cover include:

  • rates products;
  • equity products;
  • credit products;
  • foreign exchange products; and
  • commodity products.

Invested in our Clients

We create flexible products and services to help support you throughout the lifecycle of a derivatives trade. Harness insights and innovative solutions to help you move ahead in today’s changing financial markets.