Derivatives: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities

In the current market environment, derivatives trading strategies are impacted by the evolving global regulatory mandates around central clearing, collateral requirements, reporting and liquidity. Many institutional investors are at a crossroads - looking at their business models and at collateral management activities from the back to middle to front office – assessing how they can most effectively and efficiently address the new challenges while advancing their financial strategies. As you assess derivatives regulatory changes and new challenges, there is an opportunity to review, modify and improve your current operating model. Imagine how a holistic approach to managing your derivatives activities could benefit your derivatives trading strategies.

BNY Mellon’s market insight, expertise and infrastructure is helping clients and offers them greater agility as they manage their derivatives and collateral activities. BNY Mellon provides operational solutions that help you to keep pace with market changes. Learn how the Derivatives360® (D360®) solution has the power to help enhance operational efficiency, maximize liquidity and mitigate risks, and how a relationship with BNY Mellon can grow as your derivatives business evolves.