Invested in Evolving Payment Solutions

Invested in Evolving Payment Solutions

February 2016


BNY Mellon Treasury Services payment and technology experts discuss our payment technology advances to help organizations understand the potential opportunities these new developments can offer their businesses and customers, and potential impacts to their strategies, work flows and bottom lines.

Helping to Drive Payment Technology Change

As a payment provider on the global stage, BNY believes it is critical to prepare our own payment infrastructure to support the creation of the payment ecosystem of the future. We've been working on a new global payment hub designed to enable consistent payment operations through key financial centers across the globe; are taking a lead role in the industry’s emerging payment clearing systems that are designed to enable global real-time payment; and we are working with our clients, industry groups and financial technology (or “fintech”) firms to prepare for these future advances.

We understand what these emerging technologies bring to us and know that it’s important to prepare ourselves and the industry for the exciting changes to come.

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