Securities Lending Leaders Unite

Securities Lending Leaders Unite

Team discusses markets, business and the future | June 2015


BNY Mellon’s global securities lending leadership team discusses key themes that are shaping the global securities lending marketplace including regulation, collateral flows, balance sheet management and the opportunities and challenges presented by new markets.

The team considers recent client concerns, such as high-quality liquid assets (HQLAs), alternative forms of collateral and financing and data-driven insight, and shares their thoughts on what might happen in the securities lending industry over the next twelve months.   

BNY Mellon contributors include:

  • Robert Chiuch - Global Head of Equity and Fixed Income Finance Trading for BNY Mellon Markets 
  • Howard Field - Regional Head of Fixed Income for EMEA and Asia Pacific
  • Pat Garvey - Regional Head of Fixed Income for the Americas and Canada
  • Richard Marquis - Regional Head of Equities for the Americas, Excluding Canada
  • Simon Tomlinson - Regional Head of Equities for EMEA
  • Paul Solway - Regional Head of Equities for Asia Pacific
  • Phil Zywot - Regional Head for Canada

As published in Issue 128 of the Securities Lending Times

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