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BNY Mellon provides an integrated hedge fund services solutions designed to fully manage the administrative requirements of both onshore and offshore hedge funds.


Our suite of services streamlines hedge fund operations, minimizes administrative costs and helps you focus on your investment strategy. Our hedge fund services help clients service their financial assets throughout the entire investment lifecycle.


March 2019

Artificial Intelligence Sweeps Hedge Funds

Artificial Intelligence, or “AI”, has featured heavily in industry innovation headlines for some time. Yet for all the excitement and promise, the uptake in the hedge fund industry has been limited – until recently.

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April 2019

Introducing the COEBI

There is a role within the alternatives firm C-suite that is widely held, often overlooked and massively underestimated. The role touches every corner of the organization but is difficult to contain within a job description.

December 2018

How Hedge Funds Could Win Back Sovereign Wealth Funds

BNY Mellon's Scott Coey looks at how hedge funds need to understand and respond to sovereign wealth funds’ concerns and priorities.

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