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We Have Long Maintained a Robust Fraud Prevention Program


While BNY Mellon has a robust set of procedures and defense reporting to help prevent fraud, automation through technology is essential going forward. By digitizing fraud prevention capabilities using artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies, we can speed up our response to fraud attempts—and in turn help our transfer agency clients digitize more of their own account processes.


SMS Text Alerts can be sent whenever certain account-related events occur, such as profile changes, transactions, and account maintenance. These alerts not only help identify fraud attempts as they happen, but also give retail customers a greater sense of control and confidence.

With multi-factor authentication technology for call centers, agents can issue a token to the mobile device on file for an account, and ask the caller to authenticate the transaction in real time.


This functionality is available at both full-service and remote facilities.

Biometrics and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to passively authenticate callers based on their voiceprint. This technology compares a caller’s voice characteristics—vocal range, talking speed, speech patterns, and so on—against a verified, previously enrolled voice sample.

Knowledge-based authentication technology validates identities against outside sources. It incorporates third-party data and tools to see whether personal information like phone numbers, addresses, and other data provided by a caller appear in association with the same individual in other records.

The AI fraud risk scoring engine pulls together analytics from multiple channels to provide clear guidance to agents during a call or an investor web session. Anomalies such as unusual device attributes, excessive numbers of transactions, or failed voiceprints will roll up into a single risk score which can trigger stepped-up authentication, a review by a fraud analyst or a failed transaction.


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