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A Comprehensive Capital Markets Platform

A Comprehensive Capital Markets Platform

We combine expansive market access with a market-leading suite of liquidity, financing and collateral solutions to trade on your behalf or help you trade with us. As the leading global custodial bank, we’re uniquely positioned to help clients access the world’s largest liquidity pools.


Help unlock liquidity fast and extract greater yield from your assets through our market-leading securities, triparty repo and cleared repo capabilities.


We help clients access, integrate, manage and unlock value from their own data and third-party data by delivering customized analytics and insights that facilitate streamlined workflows, maximized efficiency and minimized risk.


We have earned the trust of our industry through our forward-thinking insights and pioneering history of resilience. Our robust and resilient infrastructure is designed to optimize the investment process for our clients.

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With operations in key global jurisdictions, strategic partnerships with deal participants, and a substantive sub-custodial network, we provide clients increased access to asset options and provide customized escrow and highly specialized agency services. Our unrivaled experience, extensive resources and client commitment drive us to create distinct solutions within varied accounting and legal frameworks.

Whether you’re simply seeking to build a stock position, looking for synthetic exposure* or pursuing other strategies, our equities offering is guided by principles designed to help you achieve your goals.


  • Transaction efficiency: combining equities trading with custody** enables you to access straight-through processing at settlement.
  • ETF Specialist: as an Authorized Participant, we are one of only a handful of liquidity providers able to construct baskets and launch ETFs on behalf of issuers while also comprehensively servicing investors.
  • International capabilities: we connect you to a unique universe of counterparties in more than 90 equity markets across the globe, from the G10 industrialized economies to emerging markets across six continents.

Trading and execution services offered by BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC

*OTC derivative products are provided by The Bank of New York Mellon

**Custody services provided by The Bank of New York Mellon

Capital Markets U.S. Disclaimer

For investors seeking exposure to debt securities as well as custody clients* looking to enhance asset performance, our fixed-income offering is guided by our principles:


  • Improve efficiency when transacting within our custody* construct, enabling our clients to access straight-through processing at settlement. This means as soon as the transaction settles, our clients’ cash or securities are in their custody* accounts and available.
  • Develop connectivity so we can connect our clients to a unique universe of counterparties, over 5,000 credit unions and a large community of small and midsize U.S. mortgage banks.
  • Gain peace of mind by combining fixed-income execution† with custody* that removes unnecessary links in the execution chain and lessens the potential for trade disruption.

* Custody services provided by The Bank of New York Mellon

†Trading and execution services offered by BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC

Capital Markets U.S. Disclaimer

BNY Mellon's full-service Foreign Exchange (FX) trading desk offers state-of-the-art execution across a range of currencies and traded products, with a full suite of currency trading capabilities such as spot, forwards and more. We offer a comprehensive FX solution that can meet all of our clients' trading, hedging, and payment needs, whether for active traders seeking competitive pricing or for investors who need help managing passive FX strategies.

iFlow is a combination of $41.7 trillion in asset flows moving through BNY Mellon’s custody and administration, and in-depth commentary and analysis provided by BNY Mellon’s market strategy team.

When issuers look to access the capital markets as a means to transfer risk, they lean on our trustee and various agency capacities to facilitate an array of insurance and reinsurance transactions quickly and efficiently. We work closely with Insurance Risk Linked Securities (IRLS) sponsors, arrangers, investors, brokers, and other intermediaries to meet the customized needs of our clients and the demands of the market.

To invest excess cash in the short term, our LiquidityDirectSM portal can offer access to a range of investments: money market mutual funds, including prime and government funds, sponsored cleared repo, brokered certificates of deposit*, commercial paper (CP)* and short duration fixed income ETFs*. The portal also provides access to ESG ratings of eligible investment options through BNY Mellon’s ESG Data Analytics App.


*Products offered only in the US to Institutional clients, unless otherwise permitted by local law, on LiquidityDirectSM through BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC.

Pershing’s conflict-free business model and institutional focus allow us to put our clients’ interests first. We are a single resource for trading solutions and expertise for banks, broker-dealers and insurance firms. We provide comprehensive trading services backed by BNY Mellon’s strength and stability, world-class execution tailored specifically to our clients' needs, and access to open-stance technology and efficient operational workflows.

In the midst of volatile trading conditions, lending securities can provide a stable source of income in a portfolio, with the loan fully secured by liquid collateral and further protected by BNY Mellon borrower default indemnification. In this way, lending income can provide new opportunities in an otherwise difficult market.


For clients who are in need of funding but do not want to liquidate their position, BNY Mellon’s securities lending, tri-party repo and collateral desks can help secure financing against a wide range of fixed-income collateral. Securities finance can also help transform assets into higher-rated securities.

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