Beyond Cryptocurrency: Asset Digitization for Institutional Investors

Beyond Cryptocurrency: Asset Digitization for Institutional Investors

November 2021

In a recent article from Global Custodian, Michael Demissie, Head of Digital Assets and Advanced Solutions, discusses BNY Mellon’s growing role in supporting institutional clients looking to enter the digital asset arena.

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Looking beyond cryptocurrency, what kind of digital assets are your clients looking to invest in? What's the scope of that term these days?


Michael Demissie: We take an expansive view of digital assets. We see cryptocurrency as the opening act of a much larger trend of asset digitization including cash, securities, or other financial assets. Cryptocurrencies happen to be the tip of the spear.


Not surprisingly, most of the interest and client demand today is for crypto. And, as clients are getting into the space, we will be by their side, providing the core services for which they've come to rely on us, from fund services to custody, to execution, cash services, and everything else required for digital assets. Crypto is the starting point. And as they navigate this new space, trust is important, and they trust us to have the necessary expertise, resources, discipline and rigour.

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Michael Demissie

Head of Digital Assets and Advanced Solutions

BNY Mellon