Insurance Solutions

We Provide Solutions to Issuers Looking to Access the Capital Markets as a Means to Transfer Risk


We support insurers, reinsurers, corporates, asset managers, and government entities.


We act as trustee and operate in various agency capacities across a broad array of insurance and reinsurance transactions. Our team works closely with Insurance Risk Linked Securities (IRLS) sponsors, arrangers, investors, brokers, and other intermediaries to handle reinsurance transactions quickly, efficiently and seamlessly. 

A Full Range of Services

Our dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in insurance and reinsurance transactions deliver a full range of issuer and related investor services, customized to the needs of our clients and the demands of the market.


A winning combination of global/multi-jurisdictional administration capabilities and local market expertise, including Bermuda, U.S., U.K., Singapore, Australia and Cayman Islands.


In-depth knowledge of IRLS structures that help clients meet their reinsurance objectives, including: Segregated Account Companies (SACs), Protected Cell Companies (PCCs), Incorporated Cell Companies (ICCs), and Special Purpose Insurers (SPIs).


Advanced collateral reporting capabilities to help address transparency concerns, including detailed payment and collateral reporting.


Escrow Agency services to support the collection and disposition of funds in connection with subscription offerings and U.K. Paying Agent and U.K. Account Bank capabilities.


Offering an alternative method for transferring insurance risks to capital markets in case of extensive loss due to catastrophic risk events. Our experience with such deals include, flood and wildfire, terrorism, cyber, real estate market events etc.

Allowing third party investors to participate in reinsurance programs by providing collateral to fully-collateralize reinsurance contracts in return for the insurance premiums.

Providing capital markets access to insurers or reinsurers seeking capital from third-party investors on a short-term basis.

Transferring the risk of systemic mortgage borrower defaults, declines in real estate prices, or other macroeconomic threats to the real estate market.

We partner to uniquely address your insurance trust needs. Our committed insurance trust team navigates through legal documentation and other requirements governing the administration of varying trusts. We meet the fiduciary responsibilities of an insurance trustee and administer each type of trust fund pursuant to the applicable trust agreements and regulations. We also provide insurance trusts with income distributions, asset substitutions and regulatory certifications.


Benefits we deliver to clients:

  • Negotiate and assist with the drafting of legal documents during the setup phase, as well as handling other requirements that govern the administration of various types of trusts (for example, New York State Regulations 114, 20, 41, NAIC surplus lines) and other international models compliant with Australian, Canadian, UK and European jurisdictions
  • Our insurance trust is usually less expensive than a letter of credit
  • The assets remain on the books of the depositor
  • The income from our insurance trust is generally sent back to the depositor, not locked up in a trust
  • Our insurance trust is not a credit mechanism. Its purpose is to reduce credit restrictions


#1 Global Corporate Trust Provider for Catastrophe Bonds*

* Artemis market share data by deal volume, 9/30/20.

Our Insights

May 2021

Digitization and Data: Reshaping the Debt Capital Markets

Digital and data are increasing operational efficiencies in issuing and administering debts, delivering benefits up and down the value chain. These trends are working in tandem to create more fluid and nimble access to capital, to the benefit of both issuers and investors.

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