Thriving Lessons

Thriving Lessons

How to Stay Focused and Get to Where You Want to Go | July 2015


BNY Mellon Wealth Management’s Chief Investment Officer Leo Grohowski explores how investors might navigate in an uncertain environment. He suggests some strategies for potential success and identifies pitfalls to avoid.

Shifting global monetary policy, differentiated economic growth patterns, potential for higher interest rate, the inevitable return of inflation, and geopolitical uncertainties. These are just a few of the challenges that investors need to factor in when trying to navigate today’s market. Yet many investors aren’t thinking about what these changes may mean for their investments or their future.

Human tendency is to resist change. That may leave investors ill-prepared for what lies ahead given that change means being prepared for the inevitable, and the unknown. To be ready, investors need to think about what may lie ahead and incorporate new lessons in order to thrive in this environment. Equally important is avoiding common mistakes that investors often make when they are unable to tune out the noise. Leo Grohowski, Chief Investment Officer, addresses both in this insightful video.


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