About ForeSight

Whether it's economies, markets or how you deploy your assets, the investments world is shifting and recalibrating. ForeSight is a place where BNY Mellon will share our perspectives, advice and ideas about the changing financial markets landscape. This is where our leading authorities will offer their insights about emerging trends and areas of opportunity. We help you make sense of it all, so that you, your business and your clients can be more successful. ForeSight is divided into five key categories:

Investment Strategies

Investors continue to be challenged globally as developed economies navigate between austerity and economic recovery. Against the backdrop of broad regulatory and policy trends, our Investment Strategies section examines new investment opportunities across asset classes and geographies.

Markets and Economy

The credit crunch restricted liquidity across all markets, forcing investors and businesses to find alternative means of financing, lending and leveraging. The Markets and Economy section is where we share our broad perspectives on the opportunities available to investors looking to take advantage of the new environment, as well as how businesses can best navigate this evolving landscape.


Demographic and financial trends suggest that the next generation of retirees will be inadequately funded for personal retirement — an issue that will impact all economically developed nations. Our Retirement section will track how defined contribution plans are investing to fill the pension gap, the latest investment strategies to help meet liabilities, and how public and private pension funds are preparing to meet this growing challenge.


Since the financial crisis of 2008, it is clear that the outlook on regulation has shifted. Regulation has added complexity to our business, your business and the markets. Visit the Regulation section for our latest views on how different economies are reacting to changing regulation and its impact on financial markets and business operations globally.


Risk appetites have evolved and investors are looking for new investment opportunities that reflect this revised tolerance. There is a heavier focus on the systems and processes that need to be in place to help safeguard and diversify assets. Our Risk section includes advice from across our businesses about how to manage and mitigate risk.

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