Vassilis Dagioglu

Vassilis Dagioglu

Portfolio Manager
Mellon Capital Management

About Vassilis Dagioglu

Vassilis Dagioglu is Managing Director and Head of Asset Allocation Portfolio Management at Mellon Capital. With over 16 years of investment experience, Vassilis leads a team of portfolio managers responsible for the implementation of Mellon Capital’s Asset Allocation strategies including Total Return, Global Macro, Tangent-Added, Active Currency and Active Commodities strategies.

Vassilis manages a team of Research/Quantitative Analysts in charge of daily updating, monitoring and validating input and output data for all Asset Allocation investment models. The team also conducts portfolio performance, risk analysis and scenario stress testing for all Asset Allocation strategies.

Prior to joining Mellon Capital Management, Vassilis designed and implemented financial information systems and consulted on enterprise information application development for IBM Global Services and Sybase.

Vassilis is a member of the Risk Management, Investment Management, Fiduciary and Senior Management Committees.

Vassilis received his M.B.A. in Finance from University of California at Berkeley.

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