Urban Larson

Urban Larson

Managing Director
Senior Product Specialist

About Urban Larson

Urban is Senior Product Specialist for Emerging Markets Debt, responsible for working with portfolio managers, relationship managers and members of the sales and consultant relations team. He provides marketing and client service support and acts as a product advocate for the Emerging Markets debt strategies. Before joining Standish, Urban worked for six years at F&C Investments in London as a portfolio manager in Emerging Markets equities.

Prior to that Urban was at Baring Asset Management in Boston for six years, as a portfolio manager in Latin American equities. Before joining Barings, he was a senior analyst at Santander Investment in Mexico City. He began his career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon. Urban has an MBA from HEC (France) and a BA from the University of Chicago. He has been investing in emerging markets since 1994 and is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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