Sinead Colton

Sinead Colton

Managing Director
Head of Investment Strategy

About Sinead Colton

Sinead Colton serves as Managing Director and Head of Investment Strategy at Mellon Capital. With over 21 years of investment experience Sinead has designed, developed and implemented innovative solutions for both return-seeking portfolios and risk hedging strategies. At Mellon Capital, she develops multi-asset solutions designed to provide attractive return outcomes within a clearly articulated risk framework.

Prior to joining Mellon Capital, Sinead was a multi-asset investment strategist at BlackRock (formerly Barclays Global Investors) where she created customized investment solutions for DB, DC and retail clients across the EMEA region. Prior to BlackRock, she was head of currency at Invesco, responsible for active currency strategies across the global fixed income team. Previously, Sinead served as head of portfolio management for Lee Overlay Partners Ltd., an independent active currency management firm. Prior to this role, she worked as a currency portfolio manager at JP Morgan Investment Management. Sinead commenced her career at Chase Manhattan Bank NA, as a foreign exchange and options salesperson.

Sinead earned her MSc in Finance at the London Business School.

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