Saket Sharma

Saket Sharma

CIO Treasury Services Technology
BNY Mellon Treasury Services

About Saket Sharma

Saket Sharma is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Treasury Services Technology, where he is the driving force in developing and executing strategy and implementation of all products and services offered by BNY Mellon Treasury Services (Payments, Supply Chain, and Electronic Banking & Trade). In this role, Mr. Sharma works very closely with the Treasury Services Business, Product, Sales and Operation partners to come up with unique and innovative ideas complemented with the latest technologies to help drive Operational Excellence and provide state of the art solutions to generate revenue and reduce expenses.

Prior to taking on the role of CIO Treasury Services Technology, Mr. Sharma was responsible for developing strategy and executing BNY Mellon’s Connect Platform as part of e-commerce, which was recognized in 2012 by Financial World Innovation Awards. Mr. Sharma joined BNY Mellon in 2006 and has served in a variety of roles. He has more than 20 years of Information Technology experience. He has worked in the Asset Servicing group, responsible for the management of derivatives technology and driving architecture and systems design. He also participated with ISDA and other industry leaders to establish standards for FPML. His work was instrumental in leading BNY Mellon Technology to become one of the first entities to accept FPML messages for STP in the industry.

He is leading the exploration of Blockchain, working very closely with all of the businesses within BNY Mellon, and is actively involved in helping shape the direction of distributed ledger.

He believes Network Effect is the key and Blockchain is at the peak of the Hype Cycle. He believes there is an opportunity for the financial industry and fin-tech to come together and drive standards helping to stabilize the fluidity in the technology stack that exists today.

Mr. Sharma is a member of AFP and is a regular speaker at CIO conferences. He has spoken on technology trends impacting the market place. He is a member of BNY Mellon Impact Committee.

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