Neil Mellor

Neil Mellor

Managing Director
Senior Currency Strategist

About Neil Mellor

Neil Mellor is a contributor to BNY Mellon’s award-winning markets commentary and analysis. Neil is regularly quoted in the mainstream press and makes regular appearances on radio and television - broadcast around the world – to outline the company’s views on a range of markets. Neil also works closely with BNY Mellon’s FX Sales professionals and regularly engages in face-to-face meetings with clients or with larger audiences.

Neil has been a member of BNY Mellon’s Markets Strategy Team during the past decade as they have developed into one of the pre-eminent voices in the FX business. With a Masters degree in Economics, Neil is an Economist by training and in that role worked on the ‘buy’ side of the industry for AMP/Henderson Investors and before that as a Senior Economist at the Confederation of British Industry.

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