Matt Wells

Matthew Wells

Managing Director of Global Payments & Treasury Services Operations
Treasury Services

About Matthew Wells

Matt Wells is Managing Director, Head of Global Payments and Treasury Services Operations. He is responsible for the enterprise-wide services that support our clients’ payments, trade finance and treasury services needs. Strategically located across the globe, Matt’s nearly 3,000-strong team leverages industry-leading solutions to deliver seamless, around-the-clock coverage for our clients.

Matt’s career in financial services began in 1997 when he joined the operations area at the Bank of New York in London. Between 1997 and 2002, Matt held a variety of operational roles and worked on multiple projects. In 2002, Matt transferred to New York to work as a business analyst in technology before transferring to Manchester, UK in 2006 to help establish the Cash Operations group migrating from London. In 2015, Matt was appointed as Site Executive for Manchester where he was responsible for the overall location strategy, including talent development, employee engagement and workplace excellence. Matt transferred back to New York in April 2018 to take on his current role.

Matt has overseen the operational delivery of BNY Mellon modern payments platform, the Enterprise Payments Hub and led the initiative to join both CHAPS and Target2, the UK and European high-value payments systems. During this time, Matt spent three years as a Director of CHAPSCo and now sits as a member of The Bank of England’s RTGS Renewal Programme External Advisory Body.

Matt holds an Executive MBA from Manchester Business School and was the winner of the Made in Manchester Banker of the Year award in 2014. Matt is based in our corporate headquarters in New York City and lives with his partner in Jersey City, NJ.

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